NAKED DOOM is back and just about any way you want it!

Naked Doom header1a
After a 15 year absence, Ken St. Andre’s Deluxe Naked Doom was re-released at Gen Con 50.  Not only that, but it’s better than ever.  This long-out-of-print solitaire adventure now contains additional storylines, choices, a map and new dT&T options added by Ken St. Andre. Plus new art by Liz Danforth, Rob Carver and Steve Crompton.  Liz Danforth drew a whole series of new artwork especially for Naked Doom and the images are gorgeous. (See the image below for a look a few of them).

Naked Doom header3

Here’s what Naked Doom is about (for those of you who have never played it) : They caught you…and you’re in trouble now. The City of Khazan does not believe in coddling criminals, and now you must run the Royal Khazan Gauntlet of Criminal Retribution and Rehabilitation. You are taken into the catacombs, beneath the Khazan Courthouse, and stripped of all clothing, jewelry, weapons, amulets, and other devices. If you can make your way through the series of tunnels and caves that lie ahead, you will escape with your life – and if you’re lucky, treasure!

The printed and pdf version of Naked Doom now includes a new side adventure where you meet the witch who has been on the cover since 1982.  Now you can find out what she up to in Naked Doom and who her allies are.  Will she be friend or foe?  That depends on your choices…

And to make it even more exciting, you can now play Naked Doom in a variety of formats.  You can buy the printed solo adventure from Flying Buffalo  or on Amazon.  You can also download the original and the new version at Drive and you can now play Naked Doom on your phone using the free T&T Adventures App from MetaArcade.

Naked Doom header2

On the T&T Adventures Phone App a lot of the Classic Rob Carver art was digitally painted and enhanced by Steve Crompton, which gives this art a whole new look and feel that makes them pop right out of your phone or notebook device.  The App also has music and sound effects to further enhance the feel of exploring the depths of what lies beneath  the City of Khazan.  The T&T Adventures phone app also has numerous other T&T solos you can play right on your phone all for FREE.  If you haven’t tried this yet, go to Google play or itunes and search for Tunnels & Trolls adventures. If you’ve played Naked Doom “back in the day” you are still missing out if you don’t try it now!

However you play this new edition of Naked Doom  – let us know your thoughts below…

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