New Releases for T&T: Now & 2018!

Things have been busy in the T&T Universe at the moment and its time for an update!  If you are already a regular visitor to the T&T Facebook page, you may have already had hints of what is coming out and what lies ahead for 2018.  Now we are going to collect it all together as our December update, so here we go…

T&T ADVENTURES JAPAN: was solicited to the distributors and they have added it to their releases for stores in the first month or two of 2018. What is it?  Something truly unique!  Here are the details…

Japan Flyer Blog header

Cartoon A pg01crop

From the pages of T&T Adventures Magazine in Japan, comes this collection of Solitaire Adventures, Game Master Scenarios and FRPG Manga all translated into English and with the original Japanese illustrations and maps. PLUS T&T creator Ken St Andre has developed a mini-version of the rules especially created for this book, These T&T mini-rules will allow first-time players to be able to roll up and start playing in just minutes. This is the perfect book for new RPG players and a must-have for fans of all things Japanese or any T&T player!

T&T Adventures Japan is 60 pages and includes the T&T mini rules, 4 pre-rolled characters, blank character sheets, a treasure generator, 2 GM adventures, a solitaire adventure and two manga comics that explore a bit of the T&T world the players are about to enter. It retails for $15.95.  If you want to get a copy you can order it RIGHT NOW from your local store or online rpg retailer.


MEANWHILE, WE ARE RELEASING OUR FIRST NEW T&T GM ADVENTURE IN OVER 20 YEARS!  Yep, that’s right, Flying Buffalo is releasing VAULTS of K’HORROR, a gothic-horror fantasy adventure for Game Masters.  This will probably be out in March.

Vault of Horrors ad jpg

VAULTS of K’HORROR: The road between Khizil and Khazan is fraught with danger, for this is the shunned, dark land of the Skeleton Men, These creatures of darkness once thrived in an empire built above and below the areas surrounding the now deserted city of K’horror. Rumor says that Sorcerer Kings and Vampire Lords still dwell beneath the ruined city. Pass through whilst the sun remains high but linger not after twilight, for as darkness falls and ghostly shadows fall menacingly across the ruins, evil spreads throughout the city of K’horror once more.  Of course, where ancient and powerful beings still dwell, mighty treasure and magic can be found. Your adventurers have met someone who knows a way into the Vaults of K’horror.  Are they brave enough to enter?

Vault of Horrors ad2

This new gothic horror fantasy GM adventure by A.K. Holmes includes full-color maps and is close to 60 pages long.  With illustrations & maps by Simon Tranter and Steve Crompton.  As a bonus, the book also includes a brand new K’horror mini-solo adventure, written by Ken St Andre that connects to the GM adventure. JUNE 6th UPDATE:  This is now live as a Kickstarter.  Pledge for a copy HERE:


MetaArcade Header 12-2017

BIG NEWS! MetaArcade have made the T&T App available in regions around the world! This should come as great news for T&T fans waiting to play the game in Europe, Japan, and other areas in need of a quick adventure! In fact, they are releasing the game (in English only, for now) everywhere outside of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Macau. So if you haven’t done so already, visit the iTunes or Google Play store, download the app, and join in on an adventures!

They have also released an updated version of the App – T&T Adventures 2.0 which makes play a bit easier and adds some more features, and they have released 3 more solo adventures that are part of a larger campaign called the Crown of Klade. Visit MetaArcade’s news site for more info and details on how to play and join in the action. (And remember you can play it all for FREE!)

That’s it for now – have a great holiday and remember that T&T might make a great present for someone this season. Let us know your thoughts on all these developments below…




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9 thoughts on “New Releases for T&T: Now & 2018!

  1. stefanorenco

    Woot! Things were quiet for a while, and now it is raining DT&T stuff.

  2. SSCrompton

    “…the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die!”

  3. Looks like 2018 will be a great year for T&T and a resurgance in all things Troll related!

  4. Reblogged this on Tunnels & Trolls, le jeu de rôle and commented:
    Programme chargé côté américain. Grimtooth ne sera pas en reste, avec le futur livre de la Terre des Trolls.

  5. grandpachet

    More TnT comic strips!! I confess a weakness for further Crompton adventures of Grimtooth and Grimtina; would love to see teamed with – or in competition with – Trollgod. And it’s been too many years since a Freels comic as well.

  6. Pingback: Tunnels & Trolls & me… | The Art of Steven S Crompton

  7. SSCrompton

    I might be putting one in the new Trapsylvania book I’m working on for Goodman Games and there will be some in the T&T Adventures Japan book they are really funny and T&T oriented!

  8. David Pollard

    When is the Meta Arcade Tunnels and Trolls app going to be available for PC’s, please?

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