T&T Elven Lords solo Kickstarter!

Elven Lords Cover 2018 sml
Hello all, Well today I was going to use this space to announce our new Kickstarter for the Deluxe color reprint of Elven Lords, a rare solo adventure written by Mike Stackpole and illustrated by Liz Danforth back in 1990.  I was going to tell you about all the amazing new color art by Liz Danforth (some of it colored by me) and the new adventure paths written by Mike Stackpole that will add new art and adventures to this classic solo that few have ever seen, but many have heard rumors of.
Elven LordsSample 2 pages color v2

I was also going to ask you to help us get that color version published by going to our Kickstarter page and pledge to buy one of the deluxe color books.

But I can’t.

Uhhh… well,  you see we sold out of all 100 of the color versions within 7 hours of us starting the Kickstarter!  All 100 of those have been sold! They are gone!

But Fear not, you can still buy the full color PDF or the black & white version of that solo which has a color cover and all the story and art that the deluxe book has, except it is  b&w. art instead of the color art.  It will probably be 48 pages and a bunch of it will be newly written by Mike Stackpole.  There are also be new art by Liz and the stats will be upgraded for Deluxe T&T by Ken St Andre.  Flying Buffalo is the publisher and Steve Crompton will be coloring and putting all the graphics together. So its a virtual reunion of the Fellowship.

Elven Lords Team 2017
So while there is still time, go take a look at our kickstarter, find out more about Elven Lords and see what part of it you want to be a part of.  There are other items available there as well, and we will be announcing a stretch goal  or two soon.

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions below…



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