Sewers of Oblivion returns and the Crown of Klade Challange is on!

In this Blog we have two breaking T&T stories to tell you about, so let’s get to it…

Sewers of Oblivion header
First up is the surprise announcement about Sewers of Oblivion. As part of the Elven Lords Kickstarter, the Fellowship of the Troll just added the updating and release of this sequel to City of Terrors.  Written by Mike Stackpole and chock full of art by Liz Danforth, Sewers of Oblivion will be updated for dT&T and will be published in printed form and as a PDF.  Its available during the Kickstarter for $10 if you just buy it, or for only $8 if you also buy Elven Lords. After the Kickstarter, Sewers will go up to the $12-$14 price range.  The Kickstarter ends on Feb 12th, so hurry if you want to get in on this opportunity to get either of these long out of print solo adventures.  The latest rumor also hints that for the first time ever, one of these books may include a map of the City of Gull.

Due to demand from fans, the Fellowship also added another version of the color edition of Elven Lords so that those who missed out on the 100 Limited books that were initially offered.  (They sold out in 7 hours!)  So now you can get a color book.  Below are three versions of Elven Lords that are now available, but hurry as the Kickstarter ends soon…
Elven Lords 2018 3 BOOKS

Next on the T&T Adventures App front, MetaArcade has announced upgrades, new achievements and art enhancements to the entire Crown of Klade Campaign.  These are a series of connected solo adventures that are specially made to allow new characters to be able to improve and level up their character within a larger story arc.  The adventures take you across the upper Northeastern part of the continent of Rrr’lff. (See map below)
MAP Klade Campaign p2

To launch these enhancements, they’ve announced a contest that challenges players to create a new character and run them through the upgraded adventures in search of  new achievements and to see if they can find any bugs.  Ten players have a chance to win signed solo adventures from Flying Buffalo including Buffalo Castle, Gamesmen of Kasar and Blue Frog Tavern/Sword for Hire. Anyone can play (for free) and anyone who plays can win.  Details are posted on their blog HERE.

FBI Solo Prizes
OK that’s it for now.  I’ll have another update soon on further developments or T&T announcements.  There’s a lot going on right now, all over the world…

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2 thoughts on “Sewers of Oblivion returns and the Crown of Klade Challange is on!

  1. Bill Schaab

    I would like to pledge the $20 level but the kickstarterpage is not letting me. Do you have any ideas?

  2. SSCrompton

    Hi Bill. Ok have you already pleadged for anything else on this kickstarter? If you have then all you have to do is go to your existing pladge and add $20 to the total. If you haven’t. I’m, not sure why it wouldn’t accept your pledge. Can you explain what you doing so we we can figure out what is wrong.

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