T&T Adventures Japan is Released Get it Now!

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Yes, after lots of hints and previews, the translated version of some T&T adventures and manga from the Japanese TtT magazine is now available!  Fans have been clamoring for an English version of some of this material, and Flying Buffalo has found a way to make it happen.

This new 60 page book contains  2 manga stories, 11 pages of T&T Mini-Rules, 4 pre-rolled characters, 2 blank character sheets, 2 beginning GM adventures, a solo adventure and additional info about Japan and dT&T.  Virtually all the art is directly from the Japanese T&T Magazine and the layout tries to emulate the look as well, even using the same borders. There is also a full-color gallery of covers from the Japanese books and full color previews of other upcoming US dT&T releases.

T&T Adventures Japan gives you a great insight into the type of adventures they play across the Pacific. Experienced players will enjoy seeing this different take on T&T, and with the added mini rules, the book is a perfect introduction for new players to Tunnels & Trolls.  The mini-rules are the perfect way to let a new player try out role-playing without getting too bogged down and gives plenty of explanations as to what the full T&T rules have to offer.  Plus the T&T mangas are a fun read!

The book is just back from the printers and you can order this book right now from Flying Buffalo, at Amazon.com or as a PDF from Drivethrurpg.com

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Will we do more of these?  We might.  Certainly there is more material from Japan to draw upon. It’s really going to depend on how many of these we sell to you fans out there. Until then, we’d love to hear what YOU think of this new book once you get it.  Numerous copies have already been mailed to some fans who ordered in advance.  Let us know what you thought below…

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2 thoughts on “T&T Adventures Japan is Released Get it Now!

  1. Nice to see this in print!

  2. SSCrompton

    Vaults of K’Horror Kisckstarter is Live! Order your copy at the link below:

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