The dT&T HARDBACK is BACK – We have them in house and ready to ship!


T&T HC 2nd print_top
You’ve asked us for dT&T hardback and now we have them again! As many of you know, last year we reprinted the dT&T softback books. Almost of those are sold out. Meanwhile we still have a lot of fans that really wanted to get the Hardcover edition, but missed out on the Kickstarter, so this time we have reprinted the Hardcovers and they just came back from the printers today!

These new hardbacks are exactly the same as the previous edition and include the  shiny color hard cover, 16 page color section and are still 386 pages.  No changes have been made to the text, so the rules are the same as the last printing.  There is ONE difference – the map on the inside covers is now printed in dark green ink instead of dark brown. (All the other pages are black & white except for the 16 page full color section.) We did this so that it is easy to know if you have a first print or second print edition of the hardback.  We chose green, as it matches the green fade on the color pages and the green color scheme of Liz’ Danforth’s splendid cover painting.

T&T HC 2nd print_flat

Note the new green inside cover color. An easy way to tell if this is a new printing.

And this time there is NO Kickstarter or long wait – we have have the books back from the printers and we have them ready to ship to you TODAY.  You can order them direct from Flying Buffalo or from eBay We will also be shipping them to a bunch of the game distributors, so be sure to ask your local game store to order some copies as well.

The other great news is that we did NOT have to raise the price, so these will still be available for same price as before – $60.

Vault of Horrors ad jpg

We can also confirm that the new Flying Buffalo T&T GM adventure book Vault of K’Horror will be released as a Kickstarter in the near future,  We haven’t released a stand alone GM adventure in over 20 years, and we just have no idea what the demand is. We can think of no better way than with a Kickstarter.  More details on this project in the next Blog.  We can tell you, that this book is totally done and that at the end of the Kickstarter we will be able to send this book to the printer  the very next day.  This will substantially reduce the wait time for KS backers and fans!

Meanwhile at METAARCADE…

Sewers of Oblivion
Last week MetaArcade released Sewers of Oblivion for the T&T Adventures App.  It has a new cover and some new adventure paths, but it is very much the classic Michael Stackpole classic solo adventure only now with more art, sound effects and that cool dice rolling effect!  Go to their Blog to see the latest news and more details about their adventure on the Isle of Gull, Plus find out about their Adventure Creator Pilot program, which will allow T&T App fans to create their own adventures and lets other players try out.

Stay tuned – we’ll have some more exciting announcements soon.  Meanwhile let us know your thoughts about the latest news in the T&T Universe

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2 thoughts on “The dT&T HARDBACK is BACK – We have them in house and ready to ship!

  1. stefanorenco

    Will the new (print) edition of Sewers of Oblivion be in synch with the MetaArcade version?

  2. SSCrompton

    The Flying Buffalo version will be more like the original, only with some additional stats ans info for playing it using the dT&T rules. It will also use Liz Danforth’s original cover painting and interior art.

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