T&T companies team up for BIG Free RPG Day Push

Free Game Day1
Since 2007 Free RPG Day has distributed free games and modules to Game stores all over the United States and over the years, Flying Buffalo has participated at various times to one degree or another, but this year is different. This year three different T&T producers and two Fellowship members have teamed up to give T&T its biggest push ever for Free Game Day.

Flying Buffalo, Meta Arcade, Japan’s Group SNE, Graphic designer Steve Crompton and T&T creator Ken St. Andre have teamed up to create a special Free Game Day version of the popular T&T Adventures Japan book that includes the T&T Mini-Rules and a brand new solo adventure by Ken St Andre all fully illustrated with art from Japan including a new, gorgeous cover. The team is printing over 7000 copies of this special 28 page book which also includes information about MetaArcade’s T&T Adventures Phone App.
Free Game Day3

Distributing 7000 copies on Free RPG Day is the Gold Level and means that 700 stores across the US will get 10 copies each of T&T Adventures book to give away to gamers. This will expose thousands of potentially new players to the T&T RPG and the idea that solitaire role-playing can be a lot of fun.
Free Game Day2
Over the many years T&T has been in print a common story is told by players; “I found T&T in a game store and because I didn’t know a lot of other players I did the solo adventures and became a big fan of the game.” The team is hoping to reproduce that same effect 7000 more times. And since the book’s genre and look is Japan anime style, we think it will attract a lot of new, younger players. And having the Mini T&T rules fit on 14 pages with manga art will make it very easy for new players to try out the game.  The book also let’s players know what the full dT&T Rulebook contains if they want to really want to try out the Deluxe version of the game.

Flying Buffalo is publishing and shipping the Free RPG Day book. MetaArcade is helping to pay for some of the printing and has an article and cover gallery of 12 of its App adventures. Group SNE donated the art for this book including the brand new cover painting. Ken St Andre wrote and donated a brand new Japan-themed solitaire adventure for the book. Steve Crompton did all the graphic design/layout for free and helped bring the team together for the project.

Free RPG day is Saturday, June 16th 2018.  We are hoping that experienced T&T players will help the newbies and show them how to play face to face.  So try to arrange a T&T demo game at your local store during this time and use the Free RPG Day book as a way to teach new players. At the very least, be sure to get a copy to give to a friend who you think would like to play T&T. Is this an ingenious plan to promote T&T, or are we just plain crazy? Let us know what you think of this audacious plan below.

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4 thoughts on “T&T companies team up for BIG Free RPG Day Push

  1. Very cool!

    I hope I’m in town for Free RPG day . . . or near someplace while I’m on the road.

  2. SSCrompton

    After Free Game Day We will have extra copies that we can sell to anyone that wants one for a buck or two. We just can’t distribute them in any way until after Free RPG Day.

  3. SSCrompton

    Let us know if you are going to run a demo game. IF you send us a picture of the Demo we will send you a free signed copy of the 60 page T&T Adventures Japan book or an Official T&T GM Screen!

  4. stefanorenco

    I’d like to anticipate questions from overseas fans: Will the book eventually be available as a PDF, for those who’d find international shipping prohibitive?

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