T&T : Progress on all fronts

As many of you may know the Fellowship of the Troll has been pretty busy the last few months, with Conventions, Kickstarters and other developments on a variety of T&T Fronts.  Since there’s a lot that’s going on, this time, we’re going to update you on what’s going on and what’s coming up next…

Conventions:  At the end of June, Ken St Andre & Rick Loomis attended the Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio.  For the first time at a convention they premiered the T&T Adventures Japan book which had recently hit game stores across the US along with the Free RPG Day T&T Adventures Japan preview.  Fans loved the mini-rules and the quick way to get into dT&T and the ability to start playing in minutes.

In July, Trollcon was held in Scottsdale.  Run by Flying Buffalo, this small convention allows long-time T&T players & GMs to play and discuss gaming with members of the Fellowship including Ken St Andre, Rick Loomis, Bear Peters and Steve Crompton. They also met with T&T designers who were able to have a chance to submit their adventures for possible publication.

GenCon 2018 small

In August at GENCON, Flying Buffalo and MetaArcade shared two booths to promote T&T and the T&T Phone App (along with all the other games published by Flying Buffalo)  Rick Loomis, Steve Crompton & MetaArcade’s David Reid was on hand to meet with fans and make new converts. Plenty of copies of the Free RPG book were given out, T&T App demos were run and the new product release  was the 40th Anniversary Edition of Uncle Ugly’s Underground Doom.  Sales were probably the best ever for this show!

Kickstarters: We actually have three Kickstarters the Fellowship has worked on at the moment.  Two of them were run by Flying Buffalo and the other is from Goodman Games. Here’s the latest news on each one.

Elvenlords horiz web image
Deluxe Elven Lords Solo KS: Mike Stackpole turned in the updated manuscript to Flying Buffalo. Unfortunately not as much of Liz’s art was able to be used as planned, so Liz is busy creating new art for this project. Steve is working on the layout and some coloring of the art while Ken St Andre is working on a final scrambled version of the paragraphs and is converting the stats to dT&T. The mini-rules that go with this book with art by Liz Danforth are done. Work continues on the rest of the book, but we do not have an exact release date for this solo adventure.

Vault of Horrors ad jpg
Vaults of K’Horrors GM Adventure KS:
 A gothic horror GM adventure by UK author Andy Holmes, illustrated by Simon Tranter and Steve Crompton. We are also adding the T&T mini-rules and a brand new solo adventure by Ken St. Andre to this book, thanks to the generosity of the backers! This book is pretty much finished and we just need to add some extra characters that KS backers have been turning in. This book will probably be out in the Fall and will be out next release.

0- Blog hangar jpg
Grimtooth’s Trapsylvania KS:
 Though technically not a T&T adventure, this book does take place on Trollworld and all of the Fellowship contributed to this book including Rick Loomis, Ken St Andre, Liz Danforth, Bear Peters and Steve Crompton. The book will detail numerous locations in Grimtooth’s Empire that have been referenced in the eight other Trap books. this will be a campaign adventure book narrated by Grimtooth himself. This Kickstarter was done by Goodman Games and they will be publishing this 150 page book later this year.

PLUS:  Though we can’t yet officially announce this, we can tell you that a new T&T Campaign book is being worked on by another publisher, New adventures will be added to the T&T Phone App soon (there are already over 20 adventures their now), a new MSPE adventure is being worked on and an agreement has been made to create another T&T Adventures Japan book. So Stayed tuned, there’s plenty more to come for Tunnels & Trolls!


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3 thoughts on “T&T : Progress on all fronts

  1. SSCrompton

    Let us know what you think and what else you’d like to see for T&T in the future with your comments below or on our T&T Facebook page.

  2. Very excited for the release of K’Horror! Got on board for a printed copy fairly late so the wait hasn’t been as long for me as some-hope postage to the UK 🇬🇧 isn’t too slow- but very excited for the Gothic themed adventure and the new solo!
    For future releases my vote would be for another adventurers compendium- I really like the short form and varied solos it contains as they allow for quick pick up games which are great for today’s busy gamer.

  3. SSCrompton

    A great suggestion. We’ll see what else we can do like that. You should definitely look at T&T Adventures Japan. Just like Adventurer’s Compendium, it has multiple smaller adventures. There are two GM adventures and a solo, plus the mini T&T rules, pre-rolled characters and two T&T mangas all in one book.

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