Vaults of K’Horror now shipping to the Kickstarter backers!

Khorror Ken and Steve crop
Steve Crompton here – We are overdue for an update and so here it is. Great news about Vaults of K’Horror – the book has been printed, we have it back, and it is now being shipped to the backers. That means if you ordered one, it may have already been mailed to you and is on its way.

We also have the printed copies of Uncle Ugly’s Underground and we got the signed bookplates back from the UK.  Those were signed by author Andy Holmes, artist Simon Tranter and Ken St Andre and Steve Crompton.

To help things out a bit, I volunteered to spend a few hours to help get some more of Vaults shipped out, so I went over the Flying Buffalo on a day that the regular shipper Bill was not there. Rick Loomis had printed out 57 shipping orders for Vaults. I put them together and sealed them up. However I decided it might be fun to add a little extra to the packages I did.  So some of you may get an extra little goodie in your package. (It is NOT one of my comics)  If you do get the goodie – then you’ll know if was one I put together.

20181117_Steve collating sml

Here I am at Buffalo putting together the packages. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it…

Then we loaded them in Rick’s car with a another big batch of Vaults that Bill had put together the previous day. There were well over 100 packages to be shipped. Rick and Bill had already shipped out another batch a couple of days prior. So it won’t be too long until all the books will be hitting the streets. (Shipping within the US is being done first)

20181117_Steve collating2 sml

In the meantime if you weren’t part of the Kickstarter you CAN buy the PDF of Vaults right now at Drive thru RPG.  (The link will take you directly to the page were you can download the Vaults of K’Horror.) In the near future the printed edition of the book will be available at Flying and on Amazon.

Vault of Horrors ad jpg
Now back to work on Elven Lords… lots of digital coloring to do for me and no doubt more art coming in from Liz.  Let us know if you got your Vaults of K’Horror yet!


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2 thoughts on “Vaults of K’Horror now shipping to the Kickstarter backers!

  1. SSCrompton

    Have you gotten your copy in the mail yet? Let us know…

  2. SSCrompton

    MetaArcade is kicking off a sale of 50% off for Cyber Monday for 48 hours on all T&T adventures. The sale is live now! They are also putting Cthulhu at 50% off as well, so take advantage of great prices to pick up what you haven’t gotten yet!

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