Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes, A T&T comic & more!

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A lot has gone on since the last time we posted here, so its high time for an update. Let’s start with the latest news and then we’ll move on to news on projects we have previously discussed on this blog…

 NEW – The Combined Edition of Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes – Some of you may be unfamiliar with this classic RPG. Written by best-selling author Michael Stackpole back in 1983 when he was an employee of Flying Buffalo. This game is based on the T&T system, and allows players to adventure on Earth from the 1800’s to the 1990’s (and beyond).  It was meant to let you play in Sherlock Homes Victorian era, Indiana Jones Pulp adventures and James Bond cold war Spy missions.

Several Adventures (both for gm and solo play) were published for MSPE as it came to be known. There were two printings of the rulebook, the first edition, by Flying Buffalo and the second edition by Sleuth Publications in 1986. The books were very much the same, but there were differences. The Buffalo edition had a gorgeous color cover and painting,  there was a section in the book for how to play T&T using MSPE and there was some different art and a full page character sheet. The Sleuth edition had a plain black & white cover, was missing the T&T section and had optional rules for aging, 13 pre-rolled characters (with art by Liz Danforth) a special folding character sheet, some new art and some corrections to the rules,

We now have a Kickstarter for the printing of a combined edition of MSPE that will include the corrected rules and all the different material from both editions of MSPE collected into one book.  We are also going to add new material, some of it by Mike Stackpole.

If you are a Tunnels & Trolls player you should get this book to see how T&T evolved to allow for guns, grenades, cars, planes and tech skills. And you can easily adapt the MSPE rules for use with your T&T characters and campaigns. Trolls with grenade launchers? Elves with machine guns? Why not!

Here is the link that will take you directly to the MSPE Kickstarter.

T&T Blog blog comic

A Tunnels & Trolls Comic is in the works!
Meanwhile Hirukoa Publishing House in Spain is publishing a Spanish version of T&T and to go with that they are going to publish an ENGLISH language T&T full color comic that will include the T&T mini-rules and a solo adventure in each issue.  They are planning six issues to start.

The comic will follow the fantasy adventures of a group of T&T characters as they travel across Trollworld.  Flying Buffalo will be selling this publication once it comes out and it may be available at other outlets as well, including in Europe. We’ll provide more details as this project develops.


T&T Blog 2019 A

Vaults of K’Horror – This 88 page gm adventure and solo came back from the printers and were shipped to all the Kickstarter backers all over the world.  Everyone seemed to love the book and many a player character has been lost in the ruined city of K’Horror.  But at least they had fun getting there!

Elven Lords –  Liz Danforth has completed all the black & white artwork and Steve Crompton has completed the layout.  What remains is completing the coloring of the black and white art (by Steve) and the completion of the paintings for the book that Liz is working on.  Progress continues and we will have another update on this great project in the near future.

OK that’s the latest new from Trollworld – and that’s a lot of developments going on!
Please be sure to check out the MSPE Kickstarter and let us know your thoughts below.

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