We miss you Rick and the Buffalo is still Flying!

Rick Loomis pic 5 mspe

By now many of you may have heard the sad news that Rick Loomis, President of Flying Buffalo and a gaming industry legend, passed away on Aug 23rd, just a few hours before his 72nd birthday. Rick created and ran Flying Buffalo for almost 50 years, and was also President of GAMA (Gaming Manufacturers of America) on several occasions.

Rick’s loss leaves a huge hole in our hearts and Flying Buffalo. Rick was our mentor, our friend (a brother for his sisters) and the intermediary between the high-flying goals of the creative team and the real world. He helped us stay on track and reminded us of the limits of our budgets. Rick also made sure that whatever we created would be something that players would want. And many, many times he made suggestions that made a game more playable or an adventure more usable. We will miss Rick every single day, and we plan to honor his wishes and hopes for the future of Flying Buffalo going forward.

So What Happens now?
Rick’s sisters and the entire Buffalo team are committed to continuing to process and ship out your Kickstarter and other orders. In fact just today I did another 25 orders and they are now in shipping, ready to be packaged up. And tomorrow we’ll be taking 40 finished orders to the post office. As of now, we only have about 175 MSPE orders left to ship out of the original 675 we started with. And we will continue to ship out your orders until all of them have gone out. After that, we will move on to doing the same thing for Elvenlords the other Kickstarter that needs to be completed.

Is Flying Buffalo going to Keep publishing?
Down the road there will also be new products for T&T, MSPE, Nuclear War, and Catalyst books like new Traps and Citybooks. They may not come as quickly as we’d like right now, as there is a lot to do in regards to taking care of Rick’s estate and Flying Buffalo. But rest assured, we are soldiering onward. That’s what Rick wanted us to do – and we plan to do just that. We have numerous projects in various stages of completion and we will find a way to bring those forward.

Please feel free to post your comments below and if you want to contribute to help with Rick’s medical bills, funeral arrangements and other outstanding bills that have accrued due to Rick’s illness, you can contribute to Ricks GOFUNDME 

Thank you all for your concern, your patience and your belief in Rick’s dream – Flying Buffalo.

Steve Crompton – Manager Flying Buffalo

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3 thoughts on “We miss you Rick and the Buffalo is still Flying!

  1. SSCrompton

    Here are some specific answers to questions that Stefen Jones sent us:
    “Can I order ‘Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes’ through the website?”
    Steve: NO – We are still doing the Kickstarter and until they are all mailed out we cannot sell copies to other fans. however you can buy the PDFS of these on Drive-thru, since those have all been distributed to the KS backers.

    “I want MSPE in my store. Is there a distributor?”
    STEVE: Not Yet – MSPE will be distributed to stores AFTER the Kickstarter backers get their copies.

    “I’m a ‘Elven Lords’ supporter. Is the project still on?”
    STEVE: YES- as mentioned in the Kickstarter and the T&T Blog, Elven Lords is still a planned release. The Beta PDF should go up within the next few days.

    “Can I still order items through the website?”
    STEVE: YES visit http://www.flyingbuffalo.com. You can also get many of our items at http://www.amazon.com. search for “Tunnels & Trolls” or “Nuclear War Card Game” or “Grimtooth Traps”

    “I ordered an item through the website but it hasn’t arrived.”
    STEVE: All orders will be shipped. You can always mail us at postmaster@flyingbuffalo.com to check on your order.

    “Can I join a STARWEB game?”
    STEVE: YES – you can still sign up for a Starweb Play-by-Mail game.

  2. I have one more, Steve:

    Which PBM games are currently available for play?

    (I’m pretty sure about Heroic Fantasy, but I’d like to be sure because someone asked specifically about it.)

    Thanks & gratitude for taking the tiller!

  3. SSCrompton

    Just Starweb and Heroic Fantasy.

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