Flying Buffalo has Released 14 books in the last 9 months!

Hello all!  Its been a while since we’ve done an update on this blog and that was due to a glitch in our webserver that did not allow us to have access to the blog’s administrative side.  This was partly due to the passing of Flying Buffalo’s (much missed) founder Rick Loomis’ and the fact that only he was able to access the admin part of this site.  However, we have fixed that, and we are now able to post here once again.

Obviously there is a lot to catch up on, but as you can see from the title of this post, we wanted to really show the Buffalo has been Flying, by announcing all our releases since December.  Its a record-breaking number of new and reissued solos, new gm adventures and other unique rpg related items that has brought a lot of joy to those of you who are fans of our materials or looking for something new to try out.

August 2020 products Seven of these releases are new or complete redos of previous versions of some of our books and seven of these are out-of-print solos or adventures that we have re-released for the first time in 20 years.  So let’s take a brief look at them.  All of these are currently available at Drive-Thru rpg.  We’ve focused on digital releases due to the temporary closure of so many stores across the US.  But in the future we plan to print many (if not all) of these books in the near future…

N E W    B O O K S
The Continent of Arabor – is a new Full-color 90 page campaign book that details an entirely new hidden continent on Trollworld. This is hopefully the first in a series of mythos-packs that will revel new places, realms and genres for use with T&T
Deluxe Saving Fang – The Fellowship took the 1st edition solo that was released in 2013 and Ken made it compatible with dT&T. We also upgraded the GM adventure, the art and added a color cover.
Red Cult of Vladimire – This is the first new MSPE GM Adventure since 1993 and takes place in San Francisco in the 1950’s. Are Communists about the explode a Nuclear bomb in the bay and can your team stop them before its too late?
Grimtooth’s Tomb of the Warhammer – Originally issued as a GM adventure for  the DCC rpg, Ken St Andre and Steve Crompton have changed the stats and some of the art so that it is now a full-on T&T GM adventure.
Alice in Weirdworld – This brand new solo adventure is based on the Alice in Wonderland adventures by Lewis Carroll and is the first time we’ve released a solo based on an existing literary work. It also includes a special version of the T&T Mini-Rules.
How to Write a Solo Adventure – This unique collection of articles by Mike Stackpole, Ken St Andre and other editors at Buffalo gives you plenty of tips and advice on how to write solo and gm adventures for T&T, but applies to any sort of rpg game.
Deluxe ElvenLords – This expanded, rewritten edition of the long-out-print solo is almost twice as big as the original and includes plenty of new art by Liz Danforth.

R E P R I N T E D    B O O K S
Dargon’s Dungeon – One of the few solos that allows for a party of adventurers to enter, Dargon’s also has an extensive magic matrix and was co-written by Mike Stackpole and Paul O’Connor (of Grimtooth’s Traps fame).
Beyond the Wall of Tears – This solo takes place in a dream realm and you have to try to rescue your sister who has been kidnapped by Dark forces.
Overkill – Another solo by Mike Stackpole that allows you to take in a whole party of adventurers on a secret mission to Castle Overkill.
Goblin Crag – GM Adventure originally published as a limited edition for GenCon 2005.  This enhanced version includes a new full-color map of the dungeon, a color map of where in Trollworld this adventure is, and some additional new art.
Maps 1: Book of Cities –  Contains maps of over 20 cities which can be used anywhere in your campaign. Each city is fully mapped, with major points of interest & the  background of the city and its people described. Adventure ideas for gaming are also included in this 103 page book. For any rpg.
Dark Temple – This 64 page solo sets you off on an adventure to deliver a magic scroll while trying to avoid a secret cult. No matter what, you’ll end up at the Dark Temple!
Trollstone Caverns – Another hard to find GM adventure returns. This one is meant for 1st level and other beginning characters, with new art, maps and the T&T Mini-Rules. (Perfect for beginning characters and GMs!)

Every month since October of 2019 we have released one or two books on Drive-thrurpg and we plan to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. If you would like to get any of these new Flying Buffalo books be sure to visit our publisher page at Drive-Thru

We’ve also printed a few books as well, including Alice in Weirdworld,  ElvenLords and Sewers of Oblivion.  All of those are available from Flying and will soon be on as well.  Once the Covid Virus situation has gotten better and more of the stores are open, we’ll start getting some of these books printed and make them available in physical form. In the meantime, maybe your see a new release you’d like to download. Now is the perfect time to try out a solo adventure if you can’t get together with your gaming group!

I N    M E M O R I U M…
Rick Loomis pic 5 crop

On August 22nd it will be the one year anniversary of Rick Loomis’ passing from cancer, Rick was Flying Buffalo’s founder, President and our friend, mentor and the family patriarch of the Loomis family.  We think about Rick every day and miss him greatly. He helped and guided many people both in and outside of the adventure gaming industry. Feel free to share your thoughts and remembrances about Rick in the comments section below.  Did Rick help you?  Tell us about it…

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One thought on “Flying Buffalo has Released 14 books in the last 9 months!

  1. SSCrompton

    Rick gave me my first regular job as a clerk in the Flying Buffalo store. He knew I wanted to do art and part of the reason he hired me was that he thought I might be able to do some art for games.

    I had many jobs over the years for different companies, but I always kept a space open to do art for Rick when he needed it. Usually he would call me to make an ad or do a new Traps book and occasionally I’d do a new set of Nuclear War cards.

    In 2013 when the dT&T project got going I pretty much started doing stuff for Buffalo almost full-time again and have been doing so ever since…

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