Flying Buffalo’s FINAL Bundle of Holding!

This is the LAST Flying Buffalo T&T Bundle of holding! The BIG one – the Final chance to get a TON of new pdf Rules, solos and more from this Special Bundle of Holding offer. If you haven’t picked up some of the new stuff we’ve put on Drive-thru now is your chance! If you want to get these out of print solos and other cool items at an amazing price – this will probably be your final opportunity…

We will not be doing anymore Bundles of Holding, so this is the last one. – Now let’s get back to what’s in it! Over the last 2 years the team at Buffalo have been putting up both new and classic T&T and All-System Catalyst books on In fact at this point we have over 105 books, solos and games to choose from on Drive-thru. If you want to see all our offerings there, here is a link:

First off let’s look at the T&T Bundle offerings. You get everything shown below if you get both T&T tiers… One exciting addition is the new 2nd edition Monsters! Monsters! rpg by Ken St Andre – The rpg where YOU get to play the monsters! This was published in 2020 via a successful Kickstarter and this is the first time they have been offered as part of the Flying Buffalo line! Its an all new game, but still compatible with T&T. It’s a must-have for any T&T fan. You also get everything else shown below!

THE LAST T&T BUNDLE OF HOLDING – Available Now! Here’s what’s in it:

SOLITAIRE COLLECTION (Retail value $77.50) (But you’ll pay waaaay less than this!)
T&T Beginners’ Bundle (retail price $6)
18 T&T solos (total retail $71.50):
Alice in Weirdworld ($4),
Amulet of the Salkti ($4),
Beyond the Silvered Pane ($3),
Beyond the Wall of Tears ($4),
Blue Frog Tavern ($4),
Captif d’Yvoire ($4),
Caravan to Tiern ($4),
Dargon’s Dungeon ($3),
Dark Temple ($4.50),
Grimtina’s Guard ($3),
Labyrinth ($4),
Mistywood ($4),
Overkill ($4),
Red Circle ($4),
Saving Fang – Deluxe ($4),
Sword for Hire ($4),
Weirdworld ($4),
When the Cat’s Away ($6)
(threshold starts at $24.95 – additional retail value $49)
Deluxe T&T corebook ($20) + GM Screen ($1)
Monsters! Monsters! 2E ($10)
5 T&T GM adventures (total $18):
Catacombs of the Bear Cult ($3),
Goblin Crag ($2),
Grimtooth’s Tomb of the Warhammer ($4),
Isle of Darksmoke ($5),
Trollstone Caverns: Lair of the Silver Serpent ($4)

27 titles, 5 slots, total retail value $126.50 – go to the Bundle page to see what the actual price is = less than $29 !
The Link! Tunnels & Trolls 2 Bundle:

Now for the All-System Catalyst Bundle. (These books are usable with ANY RPG) We’ve added a lot of stuff here too including the rest of the Traps books, the City of the Gods Map Pack, Lejentia, Maps 1&2 and an expanded version of the Wilderness Encounters book! Here’s what’s in this Final Catalyst bundle… (And remember almost all these books are at least 72 pages.)

THE LAST CATALYST BUNDLE OF HOLDING- Available Now! Here’s what’s in it:

STARTER COLLECTION (US$9.95 – retail value $47) (But you’ll pay waaaay less than this!)
CityBooks I-III ($5 apiece, total $15)
Grimtooth’s Traps 1-2 ($5 apiece, total $10)
2 Catalyst Maps books (total $13):
*Maps 1: Cities ($6),
*Maps 2: Places of Legend ($7)
City of the Gods Map Pack ($4)
Treasure Vault ($5)
(threshold starts at $19.95 – retail value $58.50)
CityBooks IV-VII ($5 apiece, total $20)
Grimtooth’s Traps 3-4 ($5 apiece, total $10)
3 more Grimtooth’s Traps books (total $15.50):
*Grimtooth’s Traps Lite ($5),
*Grimtooth’s Dungeon of Doom ($5.50),
*Grimtooth’s Traps Bazaar ($5)
*Elves of Lejentia Mythos Pack ($5)
*Wilderness Encounters ($8)

* newly added to this revival
20 titles, 10 slots, total retail value: $105.50
7 new titles; total retail of new titles $41.50 – go to the Bundle page to see what the actual price is = less than $24 !
The link! Catalyst Bundle:

Final thoughts: We hope you will all help spread the word about this last chance Bundle of Holding for the Catalyst books and the T&T books. If you already have all these pdfs but want to help T&T and Buffalo, please share the links on your Facebook feeds and Instagram. This may be your last chance for your friends to get all these books that you folks love at a an amazing discount price. That is the best thing you can do. The money that Buffalo gets from this Bundle will help pay the Flying Buffalo Probate legal fees, and Ken, Liz, Steve and Rick Loomis’ family will get a cut of the proceeds.
And please feel free to comment and ask any questions you might have! We read all your comments…

The Link! Tunnels & Trolls 2 Bundle:

The link! Catalyst Bundle:

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3 thoughts on “Flying Buffalo’s FINAL Bundle of Holding!

  1. SSCrompton

    A lot of people are talking about Buffalo or T&T being sold. I can tell you all that various people and entities have made inquires about buying Flying Buffalo even before Rick passed away. Flying Buffalo is a historically significant company that publishes the worlds’ 2nd oldest RPG, the Catalyst books and Nuclear War games (and various other valuable things). If such event like a sale were to happen, there will be an official announcement. Until then anything else is just speculation.

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  3. SSCrompton

    Only two days left! Get your last chance collection of these classic rpg books, solo and adventures before they are gone…

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