This project is about Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls, the new iteration of the classic RPG game. The original team reunites for publication by Flying Buffalo Inc.

Who is the team? Ken St Andre, the game’s designer and crazy lead visionary. Liz Danforth, lead artist, editor, and developer of the Fifth Edition. Bear Peters, designer-writer of Dungeon of the Bear, editorial associate of Grimtooth, and one of those responsible for the Peters-McAllister chart. Steve Crompton, graphics wizard, artist, and and another known associate of Grimtooth. Rick Loomis, president of Flying Buffalo Inc, the key publisher of Tunnels & Trolls for 37 years.

This is where we’ll share a behind the scenes peek about the work as we develop it, answer questions if we can, and keep you updated. Thanks for coming along on this adventure with the Fellowship of the Troll!

Chinese Dragon Trollworld


18 thoughts on “About

  1. thess

    I compell thee to put in a M! M! supplementary bestiary!

    • Thats a great idea. I will always love the weapons index, but I’d love a monster guide like from Monsters! Monsters!. Especially with some of the more regular suspects that are mostly unique to Tunnels & Trolls

  2. SSCrompton

    You never know… I’m pretty sure there will be some sort of listing of monsters that are unique to Trollworld… How did you fit the blog so quick? I’m impressed!

  3. Will those cool skull dice be included? I have a nice collection of dice, but not those type.

  4. SSCrompton

    There will be dice… details to follow soon on our Kickstarter page once it is up – Very soon!

  5. atroll

    I’m thinking the monsters get covered in at least 2 different places: 1. The Uncommon Kindreds that people could play if they wanted to, and 2. The Trollworld section which will be full of all kinds of Trollworld lore that is mostly unknown to the general gaming public.
    –Ken St. Andre

  6. Feldrik

    I am looking forward to this. A new gamestore is opening in my area and if all goes well I will run some T&T there.

  7. I also sent a pile of paper to Bear, from the era of the computer game Crusaders of Khazan. He is planning(!) to dig through it for monster information, kindreds, NPCs, magic dornicks, and things we talked about back in the day. What ATroll delivers is ‘way more official, as it should be! But we’re seriously pulling out all the stops.

  8. I haven’t played this in about a million years–really looking forward to a new edition (and new Danforth artwork?)

  9. BaronGreystone

    Can hardly wait to see this! I still have my 5.? edition book and a lot of dungeons!

  10. Peter Christian

    I’ve played T&T off and on for, uh, 36 years… With the recent “Old School Renaissance” games coming out, I picked up 7.5 and said – “Hey, this works better than any of them!” Setting up a viking-inspired game.
    I’d only like to see two changes in T&T. (1) Weights in pounds (or kilograms) instead of weight units. (2) Better weights for height multipliers on the racial charts: Respect the square-cube law! A hobb 1/2 the height of a man would weigh 1/8th as much – not the same as! (a 3′, 180 lb. hobb is proportionate to a 6′ 1,440 lb. man!) a troll with a height multiplier of 2 should have a weight multiplier closer to 8 than 4. (A 12′, 720 lb. troll is proportioned like a 6′, 90 lb. man).

    But really looking forward to the updated game!

  11. ekulnah

    Maybe you can also add the special parts of monsters! monsters! in the expanded rules – so that this will also be “updated”

  12. Dear Steve,

    Where is the best place to post questions about the new rules, for an official answer from the Fellowship?


  13. SSCrompton

    HI John – I’d go to the newest entry in the dT&T blog (Whihc is where you are now) and post your questions there. Another option would be the open comments section on the Kickstarter page, or you could go to http://www.trollhalla.com and join (its free) and they have a whole forum that is very active.

  14. Thank you, Steve!


    Where is the best way to get a complete copy of the deluxe T&T rules?

  16. SSCrompton

    Its available at Amazon.com. Just search for Deluxe T&T rules on Amazon

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