We’ve released our Largest solitaire!

Agent of Death header

This solitaire adventure for deluxe Tunnels & Trolls is our biggest solo yet ar 350 paragraphs. (Yes, larger than City of Terrors.)  Here’s a description of what its about…

Something is stealing the magic of Trollworld, and Lerotra’hh, Empress of Khazan has chosen you to track down the cause and save the realms. But are you up to the challenge?

Agent of Death can be played as one long 64 page novel-length adventure, or it can be played as four separate short-story adventures.  And for the first time, one segment of this solo has been specifically designed and written for mega-characters.  If you think you have  a mega-character test them out. If you do not have a mega-character, fret not, for you will after you negotiate the dangers that only Ken St. Andre, master solo writer, can create. This solo adventure is open to any type of character, but is best suited for Rogues and higher level Wizards.

This solo was originally written by Ken back in 1982 and was illustrated by artist Chris Carlson, who went on to do comics for Marvel. It was published by a different company on newsprint and folded like a newspaper. Very few people ever got to see this solo, which Ken St Andre has now updated for dT&T and added additional adventures in Khazan that allow players to build their characters up quickly (If they play their cards right).

Agent Cover old-new

Above is a comparison between what the original cover looked like and how it was enhanced with some serious digital remastering and painting by Fellowship artist Steve Crompton. He scanned in all the original art, created some new illustrations for Agent of Death, along with re-laying out the entire book out in the standard 8.5 x 11 format of all the other Flying Buffalo solos. Agent of Death is now the 27th solo in the series.

There are several options to get your copy either as a printed book or as a downloadable linked PDF.  However you get it, we hope you’ll give this novel-length solo a test run!
Printed copy at Amazon

Printed Copy from Flying Buffalo

Download PDF at Drive Thru RPG


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Deluxe Goblin Lake is released!

GoblinLake header

The first new solo for Deluxe T&T since the new rules  came out, is now available. Originally published as a mini-solo by Flying Buffalo back in 1979, this new 36 page version of Goblin Lake has been expanded and customized for dT&T.  A French version of this book was published by Patrice Geille, and we were able to use the same gorgeous art by Simon Lee Trantor, so the French and English editions look very similar.

Written by T&T creator Ken St Andre and will all-new art by Simon Trantor, Goblin Lake has been expanded and updated for use with Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls. You can play a goblin no higher than 3rd level, but you may also adventure with a dwarf, hobb, or even a small human. All classes of characters may play, but no magic will work in this solo adventure.

Here’s the description from the back cover: “Wearing only a scaly lizard-skin loincloth, you easily slide through a crevice leading to the legendary subterranean caverns of the goblins. With a final grunt, you wade through icy water and cross the slimy rocks that block your way into the caves. An ignominious death or fabulous wealth, enslavement or power beyond your imagination, what will you find when you adventure into Goblin Lake? One thing is certain: while there is life, there is hope!”

Goblin Lake is available directly from Flying Buffalo from Amazon  or as a PDF download from Drive-Thru rpg.

What’s Next? We’ll be releasing new books and reprinting older T&T solos and GM adventures in the near future. These will be updated for dT&T. Agent of Death is next. We are also working on a Bestiary and the second level to Catacombs of the Bear Cult, plus the second part of Darksmoke. Beyond that, we are discussing doing a source book on Khazan or Khosht.

So there’s a quick overview of our immediate plans. We’ll do more depending on how any new material sells. If you fans pick it up, we’ll do more.  What new products do you want to see next?  Let us know right here…

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Behold the dT&T Limited Edition!

By Steven S. Crompton

Article by Steven S. Crompton

This time around, we’d figured it was time to officially reveal the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Limited Edition Rulebook. We’ve had these for a week or so, but things have been busy.  Anyway here are the details…  Only 105 of these were made. (100 include a signed and numbered bookplate and the other 5 are proof copies that will include an unnumbered (but signed) bookplate.  The book plates are signed by the whole Fellowship: Ken, Liz, Rick, Steve & Bear – so you’ll have the whole gang all on one place. Pretty handy for you collectors out there.

Book int he slipcase. A mighty slab of dT&T coolness!

Book in the slipcase. A mighty slab of dT&T coolness!

Each book comes in a matching black slipcase with the Trolhead logo emblazoned in gold on the front.  Really the photos speak for themselves, so take look. The insides are the same as the Regular Hardcover and include the end pages and the 16 page color section.

The book itself has the dT&T logo in gold foil and then embossed into the book is a small version of Liz Danforth’s cover painting for the regular rulebook.

Another feature of the limited edition is the green edging that was added to the sides of the pages on all three edges of the book.  This gives the book a deep magical feel and matches the green effects at the top and bottom of the color section pages.

Book open showing the adhesive-backed signed bookplate and the endpages.

Book open showing the adhesive-backed signed bookplate and the end pages.

Almost all of these were already sold to Kickstarter backers, but a there will be about fifteen copies that will still be available for a very limited time.  Needless to say, we won’t ever be making this particular edition of the book again, so if you really want one of the ultimate T&T collectibles ever made, contact Flying Buffalo and tell Rick you want one right now. We sold one a couple of days ago for $400, but if you figure that people are paying $1000 to see  Star Wars on the first day, $400 is a bargain.  The rest of the fellowship get a few copies, so they might sell you one too, so you can always ask them…


Oct blog 2015
Shipping continues unabated at Flying Buffalo and here is a photo of the latest dT&T Kickstarter shipment ready to go to the Post Office.  This time 62 packages (almost all of them rulebooks) are eagerly ready for Rick to put them in his car and get them shipped.  So keep checking your mailbox – one of these might be yours!

Also author and game designer Sarah Newton plays the new edition of Buffalo Castle and gives us a blow-by-blow and memory-filled account of the first solo rpg adventure ever written. Read here.

What edition is this anyway?  We’ve seen that a bunch of you have started calling dT&T the 8th edition and you are welcome to do so if that is your preference.  But just so you know the fellowship has had lengthy discussions on this topic and  we all decided to call this Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls.  Part of the reason is that the book certainly IS Deluxe in every way, but the other reason is that we hope that Deluxe will allow those of you that prefer 4th or 5th or 7th edition to be able to use Deluxe as an adjunct to your favorite version of T&T rather then feel like you are being “left behind.”  We really tried to emphasize that you can adapt Deluxe to your “house rules” and if that’s 4th or 7th edition, more power to you.  Anyway that’s WHY we are calling it Deluxe,

I’m reminded of the Beatles who came out with a double album in 1968 called “the Beatles” but because the cover was white, everyone called it the “White Album.”  So they had no choice in what it was called in the end,  Maybe that is dT&T’s fate as well… Whatever you call the new rules – enjoy them and have fun!

Meanwhile let us know what you think of the Limited Edition Rulebook!

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aT&Typical Shipping Adventure!

                                                                         By Steven S. Crompton

The back of my car (a Lincoln) filled with dT&T booty ready for shipping.

The back of my car (a Lincoln) filled with dT&T booty ready for shipping.

Since Rick Loomis had to leave for his trip to the Essan Game show, I thought I’d give you a report about what exactly IS involved in getting your Kickstarter items shipped. To keep the shipping going out while Rick was gone, I volunteered to take any of the packages that are ready to the post office.

The Process: Some of this has been explained before, but I’ll give you a brief rundown. Friday: Rick went through the Kickstarter orders of 1600+ pledgers and pulled out ones that fit the current output goal.  In this case, Rick was mainly looking for people in the US who had ordered the Hardcover book, but NOT the limited edition hardcover.  Then he also has to make sure he hasn’t already shipped some items to them, because as you know, we had shipped many non-book items to you folks already, Then he prints those orders out and gives them to Bill.

Monday Morning: Its our brave, hard-working shipping guy Bill, who puts together 99.9% of all the packages that go out. He takes the orders, goes through our warehouse inventory about puts all the individual orders together.  Then he packages them up and adds the labels.

Monday Night:  I had a meeting with Bear Peters (who ironically used to be in charge of shipping at Flying Buffalo back in the late 1970’s)  Bear came over to my place for the meeting, which is less than a mile from Flying Buffalo. Since I needed to go over there and get all the parcels, I dragged Bear with me. We got over there about 7pm and I made sure to get him his contributors copy of the hardcover book (which he hadn’t seen yet), then I lassoed him into helping me load up my car with 58 packages of various sizes,  Some of them where the size of a piece of toast, some where boxes that weighted over 20 pounds.  Most contained a hardcover book or two. Since it was evening, they stayed in my car overnight.

Steve holds his Hardcover. Is YOUR name on one of these boxes?

Steve holds his Hardcover. Is YOUR name on one of these boxes?

Tuesday Morning: I drove to the Post Office, got a big cart and my wife and I got the packages inside. I found out that when you’re standing in line with THAT many packages you get a lot of dirty looks from the other customers – especially those behind you! Finally I got to the front of the line and started making piles of boxes on the counter. The people at the Post office know Rick, and have gotten used to seeing him show up with this constant stream of boxes. The joke there is that any day Rick shows up with the Kickstarter boxes, that the local Post made a profit that day – lol. Once thing I didn’t realize was how long it would take. Each package has to be weighted and then the label has to be added, and since there are so many, the postal clerk has to put a bunch of packages away, so he can do the next batch.  So I was there for 45 minutes or so – see all the sacrifices I make for you guys?

A long list of shipped dT&T stuff.

                                A long list of shipped dT&T stuff.

Tuesday Afternoon: I needed to give Rick the receipt for the shipping – and boy what a receipt it is. Longest one I ever saw.  I decided to measure it and its 6 feet, 2 inches long. The total for that day’s shipping is $318.00. For me, it was a very atypical shipping adventure, but for Rick Loomis its what he’s been doing for the last year. (more or less)  Of course, now that the main rules are in, he’s really been busy. Anyway now you know what it takes to get all these goodies out to a waiting world.

Yep, its 6 feet, 2 inches.

                                     Yep, its 6 feet, 2 inches.

The other end of the pipeline: The other day, I found this YouTube video from dT&T Kickstarter pledger “Runeslinger.”  Here’s a perfect chance to really see how Bill packs these as best as he can. In the video you get a chance to see some of the goodies as they come out of the box along with some commentary from Runesllinger. Let us know what you think of the items when you get yours, or if you learned anything new about the shipping process…

YouTube Video: Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Unboxing

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Regular Hardcovers are Done!

By Steven S Crompton

Ken St Andre holds the very first hardback book from the bindery company.

Ken St Andre holds the very first hardback book from the bindery company.

Tuesday, Sept 29 – This morning Ken St Andre and I drove over to the bindery company to pick up the first batch of regular hardcover dT&T rule books.  We heard from Roswell bookbinders yesterday that the Regular Hardcovers would be ready today, so we wasted no time in getting some and taking them over to Flying Buffalo. Right now, Rick Loomis is busy printing out Kickstarter orders for the Hardbacks, so that the shipping team can start getting these packaged and then in the mail to the pledgers.  So you can start expecting then in the mail in the very near future,  We are still waiting on the Limited edition hardback with the slipcase, but those are soon to follow.

The mighty dT&T Spine 1.25 inches of RPG power!

The mighty dT&T Spine 1.25 inches of RPG power!

THE REGULAR HARDBACK: They truly look magnificent! The book is 368 pages long and all those pages being bound into a hardback book really give it a stable and sturdy way to flip through the pages. The book is also bigger than the paperback at 8.8 inches wide x 11 inches tall and 1.25 inches thick and of course it weighs more as well. I won’t go into too much more detail and just let the pictures do the job.

the back of the hardcover

the back of the hardcover

I’ve been meaning to post some of the reviews we have been getting for dT&T, just to make it easier for anyone who wants to know what the “word on the street” is about the new rules,  This is by no means all the reviews, but some of the more interesting ones,  Enjoy!








As always, we’d love to hear from you!  Let us know about your review of the game.

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Deluxe T&T Hardcover Revealed!

An update from Steven S. Crompton

The very first Limited edition Deluxe Hardcover just off the production line!

The very first Limited edition Deluxe Hardcover just off the production line!

Today (Friday Sept. 18th) Roswell Bindery asked me to drive over to their facility to take look at the super deluxe limited edition hardcover. Because we live in the same town, we are lucky enough that we can do that. Ken is out of town on a trip and Rick was busy shipping the softcovers, or I suspect at least one of them would have come along.  As Pre-Press person and Art Director,  it falls to me to make sure these things get made correctly.

Once there, Roswell’s production manager (Jim) took me to the foil stamping station and showed me the first cover they made. I was really blown away by how cool it looked! Rather then describe it you can look at the picture. We went with the Black and Gold – which are the T&T colors.

As you can see in the close up photo, (See below) the black leatherette has a really deep texture to it. Ken St Andre picked this finish when we came to Roswell the first time to place the order. It reminded him of Dragonskin, so that had to be the choice.

A close-up view of the texture and foil stamping on the Limited Edition Hardcover dT&T Rulebook.

A close-up view of the texture and foil stamping on the Limited Edition Hardcover dT&T Rulebook.

It will also have a matching slipcase that will be embossed on the outside with a large image of the Demonhead logo – That should look really great.  Only 100 of these are being made so the supply is very limited  The vast majority of them have already been sold to the Kickstarter pledgers.

Meanwhile Roswell has told me that this book is now in the production line. They’ve already made all the covers and are now foil stamping them. I told them we wanted to get these out as soon as possible, and they plan to let us pick up batches of them as the books are finished. That will allow Flying Buffalo to immediately start shipping them out as they get done. We know you’ve all been waiting a long time for these, so we are taking whatever steps we can to expedite getting them out to you.

OK that’s the latest news from the front. Let us know what you think.

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Great Turnout: dT&T Fellowship at the Game Depot

Bear Peters, Rick Loomis, Liz Danforth, Steven S. Crompton & Ken St. Andre were all in attendence

Bear Peters, Rick Loomis, Liz Danforth, Steven S. Crompton & Ken St. Andre were all in attendance at Game Depot in Tempe, ready to sign, answer questions & run dT&T.  Dave and Patti Pettit, the store owners hold one of the old Buffalo signs that used to be used at conventions and in the store.

Saturday August 29 2015: the first (and only?) store signing of the entire Fellowship for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls was held at Game Depot.  A bunch of Kickstarter pledgers came from as far away as Tucson (over 90 miles) to pick up their rulebooks, solos, GM adventures, dice, coins. pencils, maps, posters and any other items they were due.

Ken St Pic sml

Turnout was great and also included long-time players of T&T along with brand new fans who got a chance to really discover just how fun Tunnels & Trolls can be.  Ken St. Andre and Bear Peters both ran demo games that ran for about five hours. As old players left, (or were killed) new players were added to the same adventure to keep the fun going.

Bear Peters runs the Dungeon of the Baer.  One player found a very clever way to avoid all the traps...

Bear Peters runs the Dungeon of the Bear. One player found a very clever way to avoid all the traps.  (Being a fairy helped.)

Besides lots of signing, Liz did sketches and spoke about the process of how the deluxe T&T evolved. She also had some of her art  from MAGIC and other projects on display. Rick kept track of sales and organized the giving of the Kickstarter items, while Steven answered questions about future plans and showed off the Grimtooth’s Ultimate Collection (he had one advance copy)  That collection of the five Traps books also includes work by the entire Fellowship.

There was also cake, veggies, free prizes, some giveaways and lots of remembrances of the early days of T&T from both the Fellowship and the fans.  A few of the attendees had even been employees of the Flying Buffalo at one time or another.

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? We sure did!

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? We sure did!

In fact the Game Depot was once the Flying Buffalo Game Store and current owner Dave Pettit was in fact the manager at Flying Buffalo’s store before he bought it from Rick about thirty years ago.  It’s a tribute to Dave and his wife that they have had such a successful game store for so long. We like to thank them for inviting us over for the grand dT&T unveiling!

If you attended, let us know what you got , if you played or how good a time you had at the event – and thanks for attending!

If you visit the Tempe area in Arizona be sure to stop by the GAME DEPOT at Southern Palms Shopping Center, 3136 S McClintock Dr #11, Tempe, AZ 85282.  They have a full selection of all sorts of card, board, RPG, war games in 3500 sq ft. For more info call them at: 480-966-4727.  I’m afraid we ate all the cake, but they still have plenty of games left!

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The Game Depot in Tempe, AZ will be the host for the release party. If you live in the metro Phoenix area pick up your KS items there!

The Game Depot in Tempe, AZ will be the host for the release party. If you live in the metro Phoenix area pick up your KS items there!

The Fellowship of the Troll is holding a Release Party at the Game Depot, 3136 S McClintock Dr, #11, Tempe, Arizona (Phone 480-966-4727) on Saturday, August 29, from 10am to 4pm (some of us may hang around later). There will be cake, refreshments and a few free goodies.

Ken St Andre, Liz Danforth, Steve Crompton, Bear Peters and Rick Loomiswill all be there. Ken and Bear will be running Deluxe T&T games. Liz and Steve will be signing autographs. Rick will be there to give Kickstarter backers their items.  Great fun for everyone. Anyone who can make it there is invited to attend. (Hmm. Come to think of it, we may even try to talk some of you into playing Nuclear War too.)

If your items have not been mailed yet, and you would like us to personally hand them to you at this event, notify Rick Loomis asap on kickstarter. If we have already mailed them, feel free to bring them to the event and have us scribble our names on them. Come one, come all!

Many years ago, the Game Depot used to be the Flying Buffalo Game Store.  Rick Loomis sold it to store manager Dave Petit back in the mid 1980’s. Its thirty years later and he is still the owner, so there is no more appropriate place to have the release party for dT&T then the Game Depot.  This will also be a rare gathering of the whole Fellowship in one place, which means you’ll be able to get all their autographs all at once.

Come meet the whole gang, play T&T, get your KS items autographed and your questions answered at this rare face-to-face Fellowship gathering!  And don’t forget – if you want to have Kickstarter items picked up, be sure to contact Rick Loomis via Kickstarter to let him know you’ll be there.  August 29th – mark it in your calendars!

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All Praise Khazan! – Deluxe T&T has been Printed!

By Steven S. Crompton

Friday, August 14, 2015: Today the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls softcover rules were back from the printers!  As soon as we heard the news Ken St Andre and myself got together and headed straight over to the printers and picked up a bunch of the books. Having the creator of T&T there to see his new book was too good an opportunity to miss, so I took a couple of photos.

Ken St Andre takes a look at the very first  printed copy of dT&T seen by anyone outside of the printing company!

Ken St Andre takes a look at the very first printed copy of dT&T seen by anyone outside of the printing company!

As mentioned previously the full book is exactly an inch thick.  It also weighs a little over 2lbs. Neither Ken nor I could resist grinning like a pair of Cheshire Cats finding a really great piece of cheese.  The book is all shiny and UV coated  – looks great.  The first thing I checked was to make sure all the pages where in proper order.  Misplaced page signatures is the most common printing error with a large book.  I’m happy to report all the pages are there and in order!

This is two of the three palates that held the books.  You'll never see more boxes of T&T in one place.

This is two of the three palates that held the books. You’ll never see more boxes of T&T in one place.

The vast majority of the books we picked up will end up at Flying Buffalo so shipping can begin. On Monday the rest of the books still at the printers will get over to Flying Buffalo so the shipping process will continue uninterrupted.

Ken holds the first printed copy of dT&T from the sample box...

Ken holds the first printed copy of dT&T from the sample box…

After he and I loaded up the boxes in our cars, we went to a nearby restaurant to look over the finished book and celebrate the completion of over two years of hard work!  Of course there’s still work to do – as now Flying Buffalo has to get these all shipped out to you guys!  At least now you know they are really here!

And a few weeks ago, a  large stack of printed pages was sent to the Hardcover Bindery company, so that they can put together the Hardcover books.  We also have the GM screen and the Flash-drives being made as well, so we’ll also be shipping those out very shortly.  (We are talking days at this point.)  The good news is we’ll still be able to ship a great quantity of the softcover books right away. We start tomorrow!

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GenCon 2015 – dT&T Premiers!

On July 30th, The dT&T rulebook made its first official appearance in public. It was on display during GenCon at the Flying Buffalo booth.  Fellowship members Rick Loomis, Bear Peters and Steven S Crompton were on hand to answer questions, show off the book and generally let the world know that dT&T is done and being printed at this very moment.

We had two copies of the book.  One for fans and attendees would pick up and the other was for Bear, so he could run demos. We were also selling the PDF on a flashdrive and taking advance orders from fans and stores. The Kickstarter pledgers will get their copies shipped out first, and then we’ll ship the rest. We are tentatively hoping that the book will be back from the printers in the next 3 weeks (but that is just an estimate.)

The response to seeing the rulebook at GenCon was universal acclaim. Fans thought it looked great and those that have gone through the PDF, love the fact that the game is still the T&T they know and love, only with more art, more optional rules, more Trollword and more detail than ever before.

T&T Players gathered for a GM adventure run by Bear Peters

T&T Players gathered for a GM adventure run by Bear Peters

Bear Peters ran dT&T games every day of the con, along with several other GMS who were also running T&T demos. New players especially loved it, one exclaiming that it was the best role-playing experience they’d had ever had.  Old T&T players seemed to be very happy with the new rules changes, but one of dT&T’s big advantages is that it encourages GMs to adjust the rules to suit their own needs.

Steve Crompton & Goodman Games author pose for a photo at the Flying Buffalo booth.  Joe wrote the Grimtooth's Museum module for Goodman Games and played in on of the dT&T demos during the con.

Steve Crompton & Goodman Games author Jobe Bittman pose for a photo at the Flying Buffalo booth. Joe wrote the Grimtooth’s Museum module for Goodman Games and played in one of the dT&T demos run during the con.

Mike Stackpole (a virtual Fellowship member) got to have his first look at the printed rulebook and thought it looked gorgeous. He also helped us out when we ran out of dT&T rule flashdrives, he was able to make us a bunch more, so we could keep up with the demand for them at the con. We also sold a lot of solos, GM adventures and Trollworld maps. (Special thanks to Mike!)

Mike Stackpole and Bear Peters show off the new rulebook.

Mike Stackpole and Bear Peters show off the new rulebook.

After coming away from GenCon, we could definitely feel that there was a “buzz” about the new game and that many people who hadn’t played in many years, were ready to come back and give Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls a try.  Who knows? Maybe a new era  for T&T may be upon us!  Did you go to GenCon?  Let us know what you thought about dT&T and the convention.

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