GMs talk about Demoing T&T at Free RPG Day

Free Game Day Header1
As mentioned in a previous post, T&T was promoted in a big way for Free RPG day this year.  Over 7000 copies of the T&T Adventures book were distributed to stores all over the US, Europe and even in Australia. We also encouraged long time T&T players to run T&T Demo games at their local stores and we even provided prizes for some GMs and players.  Many of you took us up on that call to action, ran games and showed off the T&T Adventures phone app.

I decided to take a look at how Free RPG Day was for a couple of those GMs and their players with their reflections on the days events…

Our first GM is Thessaly Chance Tracy
Q: So where did you run your Free RPG Day Demo?
Wyvern’s Tale FLGS in Asheville, NC.

Q: Had they played T&T before or where they new players?
Two of my players were part of my regular Friday night game. They came because they knew it would be fun.  I had another guy who gamed with me years ago, and came as a nostalgic reunion of sorts, I had a young woman who always plays at my table when i run publicly. I also had a father and his 9 year old son, who was very excited, and one long term gamer who said he had played everything BUT T&T.

Q: What GM adventure did you run? How did it play?
I ran the GM adventure Journey to Blackwall which is in the T&T Adventures Japan book. I modified it in a number of ways, but the basic gist of things remained constant.  In order to dispense with too much time on player introductions, I dispensed with the Moon Silver Tavern and the dwarf, and made all of the characters part of the Scarlett Orb Mercenary Co.  they had been assigned the task of escorting Siebu’s caravan.   I also changed the number of trolls in the final encounter from 100 to 10 and gave them 75 MR each instead of 100. This ensured that there could be some actual dice rolling and the excitement of sneaking around and attacking as opposed to handwaving a big battle because of a magic orb.   The leprechaun wizard DID still use the orb, but i required her to be within 5’ of the troll it was used on.

Free Game Day

Q: Can you tell us about the most notable event during the game?
There were two moments that I will call notable during the game. The first was when the “I’ve played everything BUT T&T guy decided to take his samurai Nova Nagasaki straight to the head of an ambush and taunt Guzbug from a distance.  A troll hurled a boulder at her, and I asked for a first level Dex roll. Like a squirrel not knowing how to avoid a car though, she rolled a 3 and was squashed flat as a pancake.  The player didn’t seem to think that meant DEAD at first.  He was given a second character, and immediately did the exact same thing with that character, including the hurled boulder and the 3. He killed two characters in five minutes
The second great moment was when the 8 year old boy, playing Daisen the dwarf ran forward to attack the troll with his axe. He took significant damage, but his armor absorbed most of it. The fairy came and started poking that troll in the eyes and ears with a knitting needle, which enable the dwarf to strike a killing blow on the troll with his axe. The look on the kids face was pure joy.

Q: What did the players think of T&T?  
ALL of the players left with smiles on their faces, and three people asked for my phone number, hoping to be part of the regular game. The most important of these being the dad with the young boy, Henry.  My tables ALWAYS have a good time.

Q: Did they get the Free RPG Day T&T book?
Everyone at my table, and many others as well had the Free T&T Japan handout. The Wyvern’s Tale had 30 copies!   I feel like people know that this game not only exists, but it is BEING PLAYED here in Asheville.

Q: Do you think you made any T&T converts?
I gave the prize you sent, the big T&T Adventures Japan book to the young boy Henry. He promised to teach his friends!

Q: Any advice for other GMs who might run a demo?
My advice to GMs who want to run a demo? Know your adventure! (Because you won’t know your players)

Q: Any final thoughts about Free RPG day and T&T?
I think Flying Buffalo should try to continue being a Free RPG day sponsor.

Our Next GM is Charles Isaac
Free Game Day Header3

Q: Hi Charles, how did you first discover T&T?
I first discovered Tunnels and Trolls back in the early 80s, when I bought the box game, at ORCCON gaming convention in Los Angels area. I bought my first solo adventures at the now defunct Games Castle in Fullerton, CA.

Q: So where did you run your Free RPG Day Demo?
Game Chest in downtown Sioux Falls, SD. Great people, great place and they rent tabletop games.

Q: What brought the players to your demo?
John, who was working a shift at SF Game Chest, played T&T back in the 80s while in college guided some players to the game table. I am glad he did as we were supposed to start at 2:30 and no one showed up till 3pm. I was going to start playing a solo in the Japan T&T book to demo for onlookers when people came.

Q: Had they played T&T before or where they new players?
The group were all experienced gamers but had not played Tunnels & Trolls.

Q: What GM adventure did you run? How did it play?
“Journey to Black Wall” as found in the (60 page) T&T Adventures Japan book.

Q: Can you tell us about the most notable event during the game?
I have a new all time favorite critical failure from a saving throw. One player decided to play Iris the Fairy Wizard from the pre-gen characters in the Japan T&T book. The first real stop is to ring the bell which I described as a rope hanging down attached to a silver bell, with the “Ring For Service” sign on it. Since they were experienced gamers they assumed a trap. So, they sent the Fairy in to pull the rope in case there is a trap. Iris the Fairy has a STR of 3 and a weight of 1lb, so this will actually take some work. Therefore, I set up a one-half level saving throwing, 10-Str, to pull the rope.

Iris rolled 1 and a 2. First, saving roll of the game.
So, tragically the fairy slipped on the rope due to a muscle spasm in the wings and cramped up and fell to the ground. Taking 1d6+1 to the CON of 4 so a 50/50 chance of death. She lived. Bad news fairy is weakened and knocked out with only one CON point left. Hisoka felt distress as Iris was injured at his mistress’s gates. Hisoka said he was honor bound to heal the fairy which he did.

Q: What did the players think of T&T?  
It was interesting first of all everyone loved the combat system and in particular the spite damage. They also liked the DARO and TARO systems. They also thought the leveling and character improvement systems was a great way of doing it.

Q: Did they get the Free RPG Day T&T book?
Yes, there were plenty to be had at Game Chest.

Q: Do you think you made any T&T converts?
Maybe. John brought over two more people for me to explain the game to them. One of them was excited and loved the solo aspect. I also did a demo of the T&T APP on my iPhone. He then downloaded the T&T Adventures APP and before I left he was playing when I was leaving.

Q: Did you give out any prizes to the best player(s)? 
Yes, I had a set of Tunnels and Trolls magnets that I gave to everyone I still have one left over.

Q: Any advice for other GMs who might run a demo?
Steve, this was my first time being a GM in 32 years being a GM in anything, needless to say I was nervous and excited. And my advice plan on having fun. The nice thing is you never know what you are going to get, who is going to show up, and what will happen. In my case I had experienced gamers. Another game had players who had never played an RPG game before. I also get to share a game that I greatly enjoy with others. Just have fun, meet new people and enjoy life.

Q: Any final thoughts about Free RPG day and T&T?
It was an overall fun that allowed me to share my favorite game with new people while getting back in the GM saddle. So, anyone in the area want to do a regular game?

Special thanks to our two GMS Charles and Thessaly for running those demos and being willing to answer my questions about them!  If you ran a T&T demo – tell us all about it in the comments section.  How did it go for your group?

And while were at it don’t forget our Kickstarter for Vaults of K’Horror!  We made the goal, but now we are trying to get the stretch goal that adds a brand new 19 page solo adventure by Hall of Fame Award winning Ken St Andre.  So if you haven’t pledged for that yet please do so – thanks!  We’ll have more news soon!

Vault of Horrors Kickstart Main


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Vaults of K’Horror Kickstarter!

Are you ready for Gothic Horror in Trollworld?…Vault of Horrors Kickstart Main

West of Khazan along the southern coast lie the blighted lands of the Skeleton Men. They had their own empire, ruled by sorcerer kings who fell into dark practices that turned them into vampire lords. That empire fell when the great wizards of Trollworld banded together to stop the vampiric plague spreading out from the city of K’horror.  But the vampire lords were not completely destroyed. They retreated underground to hidden tombs and vaults, leaving their surviving subjects to exist as best they could in the ruins above. Now the undead threat is rising again…  

0-K'Horror 067

We are announcing today a new Kickstarter for our first GM adventure in many years! Vaults of K’Horror is a full-size 40 to 80 page gamemaster adventure complete with maps, characters and background material for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls. All the main art, text maps and graphics for this book are completed and ready to go to press. We are adding some stretch goals, which includes a Vaults of K’Horror based 19 page solo adventure, customized mini-rules, and a signed bookplate.  The only thing still left to do is a collection of NPCs submitted by the Kickstarter backers, and a backers honor list, but other than that, we are ready to send this project to the printers, so the wait time for you getting this new book is going to be minimal.  (See all the details on our Kickstarter page, which is now live!)

0-K'Horror 073

This GM adventure is written by Long-time UK T&T creator Andy Holmes with art by Simon Tranter & Steven Crompton. T&T Creator Ken St Andre has edited the adventure and assured the dT&T stats and numbers. Ken has written the K’Horror solo that may go in the book.  Vaults of K’Horror is being published by Flying Buffalo.
Here is the 2 minute video for the project that reveals lots of art from the book including the pending solo adventure and the minirules.

We hope you’ll join us on this grand, gothic adventure into the darker realms of Trollworld and help bring to life another chapter in Tunnels & Trolls history.  Visit our Kickstarter page and place your pledge today to reserve your copy of Vaults of K’Horror! Visit the Kickstarter here! 

0-K'Horror Kickstater pitch

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T&T companies team up for BIG Free RPG Day Push

Free Game Day1
Since 2007 Free RPG Day has distributed free games and modules to Game stores all over the United States and over the years, Flying Buffalo has participated at various times to one degree or another, but this year is different. This year three different T&T producers and two Fellowship members have teamed up to give T&T its biggest push ever for Free Game Day.

Flying Buffalo, Meta Arcade, Japan’s Group SNE, Graphic designer Steve Crompton and T&T creator Ken St. Andre have teamed up to create a special Free Game Day version of the popular T&T Adventures Japan book that includes the T&T Mini-Rules and a brand new solo adventure by Ken St Andre all fully illustrated with art from Japan including a new, gorgeous cover. The team is printing over 7000 copies of this special 28 page book which also includes information about MetaArcade’s T&T Adventures Phone App.
Free Game Day3

Distributing 7000 copies on Free RPG Day is the Gold Level and means that 700 stores across the US will get 10 copies each of T&T Adventures book to give away to gamers. This will expose thousands of potentially new players to the T&T RPG and the idea that solitaire role-playing can be a lot of fun.
Free Game Day2
Over the many years T&T has been in print a common story is told by players; “I found T&T in a game store and because I didn’t know a lot of other players I did the solo adventures and became a big fan of the game.” The team is hoping to reproduce that same effect 7000 more times. And since the book’s genre and look is Japan anime style, we think it will attract a lot of new, younger players. And having the Mini T&T rules fit on 14 pages with manga art will make it very easy for new players to try out the game.  The book also let’s players know what the full dT&T Rulebook contains if they want to really want to try out the Deluxe version of the game.

Flying Buffalo is publishing and shipping the Free RPG Day book. MetaArcade is helping to pay for some of the printing and has an article and cover gallery of 12 of its App adventures. Group SNE donated the art for this book including the brand new cover painting. Ken St Andre wrote and donated a brand new Japan-themed solitaire adventure for the book. Steve Crompton did all the graphic design/layout for free and helped bring the team together for the project.

Free RPG day is Saturday, June 16th 2018.  We are hoping that experienced T&T players will help the newbies and show them how to play face to face.  So try to arrange a T&T demo game at your local store during this time and use the Free RPG Day book as a way to teach new players. At the very least, be sure to get a copy to give to a friend who you think would like to play T&T. Is this an ingenious plan to promote T&T, or are we just plain crazy? Let us know what you think of this audacious plan below.

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The dT&T HARDBACK is BACK – We have them in house and ready to ship!


T&T HC 2nd print_top
You’ve asked us for dT&T hardback and now we have them again! As many of you know, last year we reprinted the dT&T softback books. Almost of those are sold out. Meanwhile we still have a lot of fans that really wanted to get the Hardcover edition, but missed out on the Kickstarter, so this time we have reprinted the Hardcovers and they just came back from the printers today!

These new hardbacks are exactly the same as the previous edition and include the  shiny color hard cover, 16 page color section and are still 386 pages.  No changes have been made to the text, so the rules are the same as the last printing.  There is ONE difference – the map on the inside covers is now printed in dark green ink instead of dark brown. (All the other pages are black & white except for the 16 page full color section.) We did this so that it is easy to know if you have a first print or second print edition of the hardback.  We chose green, as it matches the green fade on the color pages and the green color scheme of Liz’ Danforth’s splendid cover painting.

T&T HC 2nd print_flat

Note the new green inside cover color. An easy way to tell if this is a new printing.

And this time there is NO Kickstarter or long wait – we have have the books back from the printers and we have them ready to ship to you TODAY.  You can order them direct from Flying Buffalo or from eBay We will also be shipping them to a bunch of the game distributors, so be sure to ask your local game store to order some copies as well.

The other great news is that we did NOT have to raise the price, so these will still be available for same price as before – $60.

Vault of Horrors ad jpg

We can also confirm that the new Flying Buffalo T&T GM adventure book Vault of K’Horror will be released as a Kickstarter in the near future,  We haven’t released a stand alone GM adventure in over 20 years, and we just have no idea what the demand is. We can think of no better way than with a Kickstarter.  More details on this project in the next Blog.  We can tell you, that this book is totally done and that at the end of the Kickstarter we will be able to send this book to the printer  the very next day.  This will substantially reduce the wait time for KS backers and fans!

Meanwhile at METAARCADE…

Sewers of Oblivion
Last week MetaArcade released Sewers of Oblivion for the T&T Adventures App.  It has a new cover and some new adventure paths, but it is very much the classic Michael Stackpole classic solo adventure only now with more art, sound effects and that cool dice rolling effect!  Go to their Blog to see the latest news and more details about their adventure on the Isle of Gull, Plus find out about their Adventure Creator Pilot program, which will allow T&T App fans to create their own adventures and lets other players try out.

Stay tuned – we’ll have some more exciting announcements soon.  Meanwhile let us know your thoughts about the latest news in the T&T Universe

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T&T Adventures Japan is Released Get it Now!

Japan Flyer Blog header
Yes, after lots of hints and previews, the translated version of some T&T adventures and manga from the Japanese TtT magazine is now available!  Fans have been clamoring for an English version of some of this material, and Flying Buffalo has found a way to make it happen.

This new 60 page book contains  2 manga stories, 11 pages of T&T Mini-Rules, 4 pre-rolled characters, 2 blank character sheets, 2 beginning GM adventures, a solo adventure and additional info about Japan and dT&T.  Virtually all the art is directly from the Japanese T&T Magazine and the layout tries to emulate the look as well, even using the same borders. There is also a full-color gallery of covers from the Japanese books and full color previews of other upcoming US dT&T releases.

T&T Adventures Japan gives you a great insight into the type of adventures they play across the Pacific. Experienced players will enjoy seeing this different take on T&T, and with the added mini rules, the book is a perfect introduction for new players to Tunnels & Trolls.  The mini-rules are the perfect way to let a new player try out role-playing without getting too bogged down and gives plenty of explanations as to what the full T&T rules have to offer.  Plus the T&T mangas are a fun read!

The book is just back from the printers and you can order this book right now from Flying Buffalo, at or as a PDF from

Cartoon A pg01crop

Will we do more of these?  We might.  Certainly there is more material from Japan to draw upon. It’s really going to depend on how many of these we sell to you fans out there. Until then, we’d love to hear what YOU think of this new book once you get it.  Numerous copies have already been mailed to some fans who ordered in advance.  Let us know what you thought below…

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Sewers of Oblivion returns and the Crown of Klade Challange is on!

In this Blog we have two breaking T&T stories to tell you about, so let’s get to it…

Sewers of Oblivion header
First up is the surprise announcement about Sewers of Oblivion. As part of the Elven Lords Kickstarter, the Fellowship of the Troll just added the updating and release of this sequel to City of Terrors.  Written by Mike Stackpole and chock full of art by Liz Danforth, Sewers of Oblivion will be updated for dT&T and will be published in printed form and as a PDF.  Its available during the Kickstarter for $10 if you just buy it, or for only $8 if you also buy Elven Lords. After the Kickstarter, Sewers will go up to the $12-$14 price range.  The Kickstarter ends on Feb 12th, so hurry if you want to get in on this opportunity to get either of these long out of print solo adventures.  The latest rumor also hints that for the first time ever, one of these books may include a map of the City of Gull.

Due to demand from fans, the Fellowship also added another version of the color edition of Elven Lords so that those who missed out on the 100 Limited books that were initially offered.  (They sold out in 7 hours!)  So now you can get a color book.  Below are three versions of Elven Lords that are now available, but hurry as the Kickstarter ends soon…
Elven Lords 2018 3 BOOKS

Next on the T&T Adventures App front, MetaArcade has announced upgrades, new achievements and art enhancements to the entire Crown of Klade Campaign.  These are a series of connected solo adventures that are specially made to allow new characters to be able to improve and level up their character within a larger story arc.  The adventures take you across the upper Northeastern part of the continent of Rrr’lff. (See map below)
MAP Klade Campaign p2

To launch these enhancements, they’ve announced a contest that challenges players to create a new character and run them through the upgraded adventures in search of  new achievements and to see if they can find any bugs.  Ten players have a chance to win signed solo adventures from Flying Buffalo including Buffalo Castle, Gamesmen of Kasar and Blue Frog Tavern/Sword for Hire. Anyone can play (for free) and anyone who plays can win.  Details are posted on their blog HERE.

FBI Solo Prizes
OK that’s it for now.  I’ll have another update soon on further developments or T&T announcements.  There’s a lot going on right now, all over the world…

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T&T Elven Lords solo Kickstarter!

Elven Lords Cover 2018 sml
Hello all, Well today I was going to use this space to announce our new Kickstarter for the Deluxe color reprint of Elven Lords, a rare solo adventure written by Mike Stackpole and illustrated by Liz Danforth back in 1990.  I was going to tell you about all the amazing new color art by Liz Danforth (some of it colored by me) and the new adventure paths written by Mike Stackpole that will add new art and adventures to this classic solo that few have ever seen, but many have heard rumors of.
Elven LordsSample 2 pages color v2

I was also going to ask you to help us get that color version published by going to our Kickstarter page and pledge to buy one of the deluxe color books.

But I can’t.

Uhhh… well,  you see we sold out of all 100 of the color versions within 7 hours of us starting the Kickstarter!  All 100 of those have been sold! They are gone!

But Fear not, you can still buy the full color PDF or the black & white version of that solo which has a color cover and all the story and art that the deluxe book has, except it is  b&w. art instead of the color art.  It will probably be 48 pages and a bunch of it will be newly written by Mike Stackpole.  There are also be new art by Liz and the stats will be upgraded for Deluxe T&T by Ken St Andre.  Flying Buffalo is the publisher and Steve Crompton will be coloring and putting all the graphics together. So its a virtual reunion of the Fellowship.

Elven Lords Team 2017
So while there is still time, go take a look at our kickstarter, find out more about Elven Lords and see what part of it you want to be a part of.  There are other items available there as well, and we will be announcing a stretch goal  or two soon.

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions below…



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New Releases for T&T: Now & 2018!

Things have been busy in the T&T Universe at the moment and its time for an update!  If you are already a regular visitor to the T&T Facebook page, you may have already had hints of what is coming out and what lies ahead for 2018.  Now we are going to collect it all together as our December update, so here we go…

T&T ADVENTURES JAPAN: was solicited to the distributors and they have added it to their releases for stores in the first month or two of 2018. What is it?  Something truly unique!  Here are the details…

Japan Flyer Blog header

Cartoon A pg01crop

From the pages of T&T Adventures Magazine in Japan, comes this collection of Solitaire Adventures, Game Master Scenarios and FRPG Manga all translated into English and with the original Japanese illustrations and maps. PLUS T&T creator Ken St Andre has developed a mini-version of the rules especially created for this book, These T&T mini-rules will allow first-time players to be able to roll up and start playing in just minutes. This is the perfect book for new RPG players and a must-have for fans of all things Japanese or any T&T player!

T&T Adventures Japan is 60 pages and includes the T&T mini rules, 4 pre-rolled characters, blank character sheets, a treasure generator, 2 GM adventures, a solitaire adventure and two manga comics that explore a bit of the T&T world the players are about to enter. It retails for $15.95.  If you want to get a copy you can order it RIGHT NOW from your local store or online rpg retailer.


MEANWHILE, WE ARE RELEASING OUR FIRST NEW T&T GM ADVENTURE IN OVER 20 YEARS!  Yep, that’s right, Flying Buffalo is releasing VAULTS of K’HORROR, a gothic-horror fantasy adventure for Game Masters.  This will probably be out in March.

Vault of Horrors ad jpg

VAULTS of K’HORROR: The road between Khizil and Khazan is fraught with danger, for this is the shunned, dark land of the Skeleton Men, These creatures of darkness once thrived in an empire built above and below the areas surrounding the now deserted city of K’horror. Rumor says that Sorcerer Kings and Vampire Lords still dwell beneath the ruined city. Pass through whilst the sun remains high but linger not after twilight, for as darkness falls and ghostly shadows fall menacingly across the ruins, evil spreads throughout the city of K’horror once more.  Of course, where ancient and powerful beings still dwell, mighty treasure and magic can be found. Your adventurers have met someone who knows a way into the Vaults of K’horror.  Are they brave enough to enter?

Vault of Horrors ad2

This new gothic horror fantasy GM adventure by A.K. Holmes includes full-color maps and is close to 60 pages long.  With illustrations & maps by Simon Tranter and Steve Crompton.  As a bonus, the book also includes a brand new K’horror mini-solo adventure, written by Ken St Andre that connects to the GM adventure. JUNE 6th UPDATE:  This is now live as a Kickstarter.  Pledge for a copy HERE:


MetaArcade Header 12-2017

BIG NEWS! MetaArcade have made the T&T App available in regions around the world! This should come as great news for T&T fans waiting to play the game in Europe, Japan, and other areas in need of a quick adventure! In fact, they are releasing the game (in English only, for now) everywhere outside of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Macau. So if you haven’t done so already, visit the iTunes or Google Play store, download the app, and join in on an adventures!

They have also released an updated version of the App – T&T Adventures 2.0 which makes play a bit easier and adds some more features, and they have released 3 more solo adventures that are part of a larger campaign called the Crown of Klade. Visit MetaArcade’s news site for more info and details on how to play and join in the action. (And remember you can play it all for FREE!)

That’s it for now – have a great holiday and remember that T&T might make a great present for someone this season. Let us know your thoughts on all these developments below…




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Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes and Dave Arneson’s Case of the Pacific Clipper Solo now on Drive-thru!

MSPE header 2017

All the Tunnels & Trolls activity in recent years has also rekindled interest in T&T’s  Pulp fiction spin-off rpg, Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes. Based on the T&T system, this rpg in the contemporary setting of the 20th century covered everything from the Victorian Era to the near future. MSPE (as it came to be known) gave players the means to use a wide variety of guns and other modern era devices and have adventures on the streets of cities like London, New York and Istanbul.

Written by best selling author Michael Stackpole and released in 1983, MSPE was well-received by reviewers who liked its Talent based skill system, which allowed players to customize their characters with sophisticated skills like Electrician, Mathematics or Nuclear Physics. (The talent idea was eventually adapted and used in later editions of Tunnels & Trolls.)

Since the end of the dT&T Kickstarter in 2015, fans have been asking for new MSPE products or to at least make the game and its adventures available on Drive Thru. So last month we finally got the 110 pg MSPE rulebook on Drive Thru and the response was tremendous. If you’re interested you can see its listing here.

This month we decided to release what could be MSPE’s most interesting adventure, Mugshots 1: The Case of the Pacific Clipper, written by none other than the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, Dave Arenson.  Dave had become good friends with Flying Buffalo owner Rick Loomis. Both of them were targets of Gary Gygax’s ire, and socially joined forces.  Dave was a huge fan of pulp era adventures and when Rick asked if he’d like to write a short solo adventure for Mugshots, Dave gladly accepted and in fact ended up writing a 330 paragraph magnum opus.  He also added notes and sketched up some maps so that you can run the solo as a GM adventure.

Mugshots 1: The Case of the Pacific Clipper is a pulp era adventure that takes place in 1937.  It starts in the San Francisco office of a hard-boiled detective and ends up on a secret island base of a would-be world conqueror. This book has a great solitaire adventure and GM material for the adventure in the back of the book along with 20 NPC characters that you use in the adventure as well.  The book was illustrated by Steven S Crompton and the use of his stippling style matched the 1930’s era  adventure quite well. For the Drive-thru version Steven has redone the cover and enhanced a bunch of the art in the book including some of the maps. (If you own the hard copy, you can go through and compare it to the PDF version.)  He also added a special blank MSPE Character sheet.

Adventure of the Jade Jaguar, a solo adventure in the steamy jungles of South America by Michael Stackpole is also available on Drive thru.

There are also rumors of some new MSPE books in the works, but more about that in a future blog post.  Meanwhile, let us know your thoughts on Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes or Dave Arneson’s adventure.

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T&T App goes into high gear as MetaArcade releases multiple titles!

MetaArcade Header A10-2017
MetaArcade’s T&T adventures App announces their latest remastered adventure: MISTYWOOD.

Anyone can play Mistywood by downloading the free Tunnels & Trolls™ Adventures app, available on iTunes and the Google Play Store. There, you can use your Gems to unlock the adventure on your account—allowing you to play it as often, as many times, and on as many devices as you’d like—or you can try it for free using Hearts earned in the app by watching ads.

Mistywood’s story:  On the run from your pursuers, you are forced to face the perils of the deep and dangerous forest. Will you conquer your fears and emerge victorious, or get lost amidst the horrors that live within?

And just a few weeks ago MetaArcade announced the latest, largest, and most challenging Tunnels & Trolls™ adventure to date: OVERKILL.

Overkill is built on the original work of New York Times bestselling author and veteran Tunnels and Trolls writer, Michael A. Stackpole, and is a Level 15+ adventure with 13 unique ways to emerge victorious, 10 new achievements, and serious challenges for your most well-equipped heroes.  This solo has been out of print for over 20 years and is still unavailable from Flying Buffalo, so unless you can find an old copy, you can only play it on the App.

MetaArcade Header B10-2017

In August they launched with five adventures: Naked Doom, Buffalo Castle, Golden Dust Red Death, Seven Ayes, and Grimtina’s Guard. MetaArchade’s plan is to release new adventures regularly, and they are on track to have, Stop Thief! by Michael A. Stackpole, added to the catalog. (this happened in September.)

MetaArcade Header C10-2017

MetaArcade’s goal is to release larger, more immersive adventures like Overkill every few weeks—stories that offer more choices, more ways to die, and more challenges to overcome. They also want to spend more time talking with players about Tunnels & Trolls Adventures and their plans for the Adventure Creator, which will allow anyone to build and publish adventures of their own design.

Don’t miss out on the chance to play this amazing phone app version of T&T which includes art and sound effects  as you explore strange and potentially dangerous places in TrollWorld.  We of the Fellowship and Flying Buffalo are very proud and excited about the amazing progress and developments that MetaArcade has been making on the T&T Adventures App and can’t wait to see where it goes next! And did we tell you – its totally FREE to play, so what are you waiting for?  Give it a try today!

Get it free on iTunes           or            Get it Free in the Google Play store 

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