Classic 5th Edition T&T now on Drive-Thru Rpg

T&T 5th CovBlog

Restored 5th Edition cover uses high-res scan of Liz Danforth’s original painting.

Due to the continued interest in Old School Rpgs, and their historical significance, (not to mention demands from the the fans), we are issuing the classic 5th edition of Tunnels & Trolls as a downloadable PDF, so if you didn’t get a copy back in the good old days now you can finally get it. This is first time the 5th edition has been made available in this format and it will join the 1st edition rules along with Deluxe T&T at Drive thru RPG. (Search for Flying Buffalo from the main page) 

Partial thanks is due to a long series of articles about 1st edition T&T and how it compares to to the later T&T editions and D&D. Here is a link to the first article in that series, which is a great read if you really want to discover the origins and the innovations that our very own Ken St Andre created.

Here’s the Drive thru description: Tunnels & Trolls is the 2nd oldest role-playing game and has been in print since 1976. This 100 page PDF contains the classic and widely popular 5th edition of T&T. This is the version that most people remember and used from 1979 to 2003. Like most rpgs you play this with a GM and a group of players. Play is quick and streamlined and T&T has more emphasis on role-playing and less on charts and reference books. All the rules you need are in this book and there is even a small GM adventure in this book you can use. The other unique aspect of T&T is that it’s one of the few rpgs you can play solitaire. There are well over 50 solo adventures available, including 26 published by Flying Buffalo. (Many of them are on Drive-thru.)

Download a copy of the classic version of T&T and find out how the game progressed or just to play it “the old school way.” Everything inside this pdf is the same as the original printing (even the ads are the same). However the front and back cover were enhanced a little (see pictures.)

T&T 5th BackBlog

Back cover: The text remains the same, but the background is a little more interesting.

Let us know your memories of 5th edition T&T in the comments section.

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Arena of Khazan header
After being out of print for over 20 years, a restored and enhanced Deluxe edition of Arena of Khazan is now been published by Flying Buffalo. Once again, players will be able to test their fighting skills on the blood-soaked sands of the arena of legend.  This time, Ken St. Andre has expanded the adventure to allow for character talents, more spells, the human saving roll re-roll and even enchanted weapons. Arena of Khazan is also one of the few solitaire adventures that will let you bring in ANY character type or level. (even your 21st level were-dragon!)  Also added are 10 pre-rolled opponents for some of the random battles and 10 pre-rolled characters that you can use as fighters in the arena. (Manage your own team of gladiators!)  The text and charts have been relaid out and looks sharper and is easier to use than ever.

Arena of KhazanPic2

Besides the play improvements, this solo contains all the original art, and enhanced cover by the late Marvel artist Gene Day.  One of the most unique art related things about Arena of Khazan is that all 20 of the original interior illustrations were done by Peter Laird who became the very well-known co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Peter did only two or three RPG books before he hit the big-time, and we are proud to bring this rare collection of his pre-Ninja Turtles art back to life. This new edition also contains additional illustrations by Buffalo’s own artist Steven Crompton.  Plus there’s a map of Khazan and the Dragon continent.


Here’s how the solo is described on the back cover: “Khazan, capital city of the Empire of Khazan is also sometimes known as the City of Death. It takes its name and reputation from its ruler Lerotra’hh the Death Empress of Khazan. Khazan was founded and built by a mighty wizard of the same name. It flourished under his benevolent rule for 666 years until it was attacked by the Orcish and Trollish hordes of Lerotra’hh. Khazan is one of the largest cities on the continent of Rrr’lff with a sizable population of Orcs, Trolls, Ogres, Dwarves, and other beings generally considered as Monsters by the human inhabitants of such places as Khosht. But the reign of terror has mellowed over the years until now most of the bloodletting takes place in the Arena. This Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls solitaire is open to all types and levels of individual characters, whether elf, dwarf or minotaur, wizard rogue or warrior. Just remember, the more you fight in the arena, the tougher will be the foes sent against you.”

You can buy Arena of Khazan directly from Flying

Arena of Khazan is also available at this page at

If you want to get a PDF of Arena, its available at (Just search for Flying Buffalo under publishers.)

As always, we invite your comments and thoughts on this latest release! By the way today (April 28th) is Ken St. Andre’s birthday. so what better day than this one to release one of his favorite solos?  The Trollgod is 496 years old, so let’s celebrate by giving our lives in the Arena of Khazan!

Arena of KhazanPic3

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MetaArcade’s Buffalo Castle App adds Color

In February, MetaArcade began giving fans the chance to try out the new Buffalo Castle App they have created, based on the world’s first T&T adventure. Right now you can visit their site and sign up for updates that will help you get early access.

As Chronicled on this blog back in 2013, Buffalo Castle was the first solo that was given the Deluxe T&T treatment. In fact, it was first republished in France for their edition in 2012. Liz drew new interior art and cover, Rick Loomis wrote a new section, Ken updated the stats, and Steve redid the layout and digitally painted the cover. So pretty much the whole fellowship was involved in some way.


For the new MetaArcade version of Buffalo Castle, they hired Liz to do even more art and then had Steve digitally color over 20 of the illustrations for the new app, so now there’s even more to see and experience in Buffalo Castle. If you haven’t played that solo since 2011, then you’ll have a whole new way to experience it via MetaArcade’s App. The app allows you to role up your own new characters or pick from their pre-rolled set. There are sound effects, dice-rolling and art and text. Its still like playing one of the T&T solos, only its enhanced in many ways and on your phone.

Meanwhile on the Flying Buffalo front, we are happy to announce that the next solo we will publish is going to be a Deluxe version of Arena Of Khazan. This solo has been out of print for over 15 years, and Ken St. Andre has already turned in an updated version of his classic solo. This version includes new options and adventure in the Arena. The book will use the original Peter Laird art along with new art by Steve Crompton. Steve has also digitally enhanced and colored the original Gene day cover.  We are pushing for this to be a summer release, so if you are going to Origins or GenCon look for it there.  Below is the top of the redone cover:


We hope you’ll let us know what you think about these latest developments in the comment section below.

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Tunnels & Trolls: Going Global

Earth from space TTblog

Tunnels & Trolls: Japanese, French and US edition, along with the online Phone app.

With so much going on in the T&T universe, we thought it might be good to take an overview from a “global” perspective and see how the games resurgence has begun to manifest itself around the world. This probably doesn’t cover every point of history or development, but it should give you good snapshot of some of the main events in T&T’s “globalization.”

Back in the 1980’s Tunnels & Trolls reached Great Britain with a UK edition published by Chris Harvey Games. From there, Corgi books obtained the rights, and published T&T in English, Italian and Spanish. These editions where entirely illustrated by Josh Kirby, a well-known European illustrator. Other companies also published T&T in German and Finnish. T&T was also released in Japanese before D&D was.

Flash forward thirty years and a new era of globalization for Tunnels & Trolls was rekindled when French translator Patrice Geille (Bison Ailé) developed and published a French Edition of T&T in 2011. That edition included new material by Ken St Andre and new art by Liz Danforth, along with classic art from the 5th edition T&T rulebook. Steve Crompton was hired to layout that book and create additional art and graphics. This made the French T&T more up to date than the latest version of the rules published in the US at the time.

The more up-to-date look of the French edition, lead to the development of Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls in the US in 2012. (See postings on this site for in-depth information) The great success of the dT&T Kickstarter brought a lot of renewed attention to Tunnels and Trolls, with many old school players (even those who’d never played the game) taking a second look at the “world’s second oldest rpg,” and many of those who noticed dT&T were not living in America.

During the process of shipping the finished rules, Flying Buffalo’s publisher Rick Loomis discovered that about ¼ of the backers where in fact living outside the US, mostly in Europe, though there were also some in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and even South America. Once dT&T was released in the US in 2015, the fan and reviewer response was overwhelmingly favorable, which of course brought more notice to the game.

In Poland one of the Kickstarter backers who had received the reprinted version of the 1st edition T&T rules, got permission to publish that in his native language, so there is now a Polish version of T&T.

The renewed interest in T&T was also recognized by computer gaming maven David Reid, who had played T&T as a teenager and had loved the solo adventures. In the intervening years, David had risen to the upper tiers of the computer gaming industry in NCSoft, Microsoft Xbox and Trion Worlds. He saw a particular digital niche and huge potential for Tunnels & Trolls. In 2016, his company MetaArcade began development of a Tunnels and Trolls app, made for smart phones and notebooks. MetaArcade already has a working prototype of Naked Doom that they are letting players “test drive.” In fact, at GenCon and PAX, upwards of 1000 people actually got to play the demo. When the T&T app becomes available to the general public, it too will have a global reach and will no doubt be available outside the US.

gencon2016 a

Gencon 2016: Rick Loomis sells the physical games while MetaArcade demos the phone app. T&T creator Ken St Andre basks in the spotlight, as people enjoy his game.

Japan also came calling in 2016. Group SNE a game company run by Mr. Yashita, wanted to take the new Deluxe T&T rulebook and translate that into Japanese. Originally they had planned to just use a couple of logos and a map or two, but as part of an effort to create better brand identity, Flying Buffalo self-titled “global brand manager” Steve Crompton worked with the translator in Japan to get them all the art from the rulebook, along with the graphics, backgrounds and maps. This allowed the Japanese to create a book that truly is a literal and visual translation of the deluxe rules. It premiered at Jgc2016 on September 2nd. They sold out all that they had brought. The response was so positive, that they have increased the print run to meet the increased demand for the the game. In a future blog post, we’ll take a look at the Japanese game and how it may influence the US edition when it is reprinted.

Japanese Deluxe Sales Table blog

Japanese premiere: All 99 copies sold out in just 2 hours. 

What’s next?   The French edition has published numerous solos and adventures since 2011, In the US Flying Buffalo has also released a fair number of new (and updated) solo adventures and have a bestiary and several GM adventures in the works. Ken St Andre continues to publish his own mini-adventures and fiction under the Trollhalla banner. David Reid at MetaArcade is working to get the phone app fully polished and has engaged the services of the Fellowship to create new material for that project, while Group SNE is about to officially launch their version of Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls in Japan and translate some of the existing US solos for use there as well.

So from a global standpoint, there is no better time than now to be a T&T player! Let us know your thoughts about T&T world-wide and when you reply, please let us know what country you’re from.






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dT&T Nominated for a DRAGON AWARD And here’s how you can Vote!

Vote for dT&T
Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls has been nominated in the category of ” Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Role-Playing Game” in the Dragon awards. This is the first annual Awards at Dragoncon and are a reaction to some of the problems going on over the last couple of years at the Hugo awards.

More details on all that can be found here:

Besides the Best RPG, there are also awards being given to Best Novel in a variety of genres; Best Graphic Novel; Best Comic Book, Best SciFi/Fantasy TV Series; Best SciFi/Fantasy Movie; Best SciFi/Fantasy Mobile Game; and a few other categories. So here’s your chance to let the world know what your favorites are. YES YOU can vote too!

The good news is that you DON’T have to be going to DragonCon in order to vote. Needless to say, we at Flying Buffalo & the Fellowship of the Troll would be deeply honored to win such an award. The competition is stiff, but in 2016, some unexpected nominations have occurred in other venues. So maybe its time for one more upset win. Anyway if you are interested in voting follow the link below to sign-up.  Time is very short so sign-up before Sept. 5th!

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Ken St Andre will be at GenCon!

Ken and Rick800In a surprise announcement Ken St Andre WILL be attending GenCon and will be at the Flying Buffalo Booth to sign books and join the fun with all the buzz around the Tunnels & Trolls Phone App and the new Grimtooth solo.

At the last minute, MetaArcade the company behind the phone app managed to convince the Trollgodfather to emerge from his cave and travel from Arizona to Indiana for GenCon 2016, which starts Aug. 3rd to the 7th.  MetaArcade will be demoing the new app, which attendees will actually get to try out for themselves right at the the Flying Buffalo booth (booth 724.)

Ken will also be involved with numerous press interviews and a meeting with the company that are in the final stages of putting together a Deluxe version of the T&T rules for the Japanese market.

This will be a very rare chance for fans to meet one of the first generation RPG designers and get him to sign a copy of one of the many books and games he has worked on over the last 40 years.

Also at GenCon will be Fellowship of the Troll members Bear Peters (Dungeon of the Bear) and  Steven S. Crompton (Grimtooth’s Traps) and of course Rick Loomis, (Flying Buffalo President).  All of them worked on the Deluxe T&T Rulebook.  Davis Reid, the President of  MetaAracde (and a huge T&T fan from way back) will also be at GenCon.  We hope to see you there in a few days!

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Play the T&T Phone App at Gencon, plus get a new Grimtooth solo FREE!

More BIG news today on the Tunnels & Trolls app. MetaArcade has officially announced that they will be in attendance at GenCon next month and will be giving demos of the T&T Phone app to anyone that visits Flying Buffalo at booth 724. You’ll be able to test out the prototype and see what all the buzz is about.

And if that isn’t exciting enough, Flying Buffalo, Trollhalla and MetaArcade have teamed up to create a brand new solitaire adventure that will be given FREE to anyone who tests out the T&T app.

GrimSolo Cov colr v2 meta

This Free solo called Grimtina’s Guard is written by Ken St. Andre with art by S.S. Crompton and Liz Danforth. This is also the first time that Grimtooth has officially appeared in the T&T Universe, making this item even more collectible.

The adventure: As a guard at Grimtooth’s Castle, you are ordered to escort his sister, Grimtina on a journey through the Forest of Doom to try to collect three rare items and get Grimtina safely to her mother’s temple in time for a ceremony. Are you up for the task? And will she help or be more of a danger to your surviving this journey?

Right now though, you won’t be able to get this solo anywhere else except GenCon. So even if you aren’t going, tell your friends who are, to go to booth 724 and demand a chance to try out the T&T Phone app in order to get this all new, exclusive solo!

In other news: there’s a new video from MetaArcade that gives more detail on the history of T&T,how the phone app will work and what expandable possibilities it might have in its future. We hope to see you at GenCon!

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Confirmed! Naked Doom to be the first Phone app adventure to be released

NakedDoom cov text

Today MetaArcade officially announced that Ken St. Andre’s Naked Doom is going to be the first solo adventure to be released for the Tunnels & Trolls phone app.

This was discussed and eventually decided upon during several meetings with MetaArcade and the Fellowship.  From the Fellowship’s perspective, we thought that this solo had a great story that ties into the current emphasis on events in Trollworld and the fact that this solo would be a great way to start a new character off – they start with nothing at all and have to scrabble and fight for every piece of gear they come across.  Also Naked Doom has been out of print for some time, making  its availability as a phone app solo that much more desirable.

More details at the link below that goes directly to MetaArcades official announcement about the release.

We can’t say too much more, other than  to add that there are more exciting announcements are coming soon that will reveal more details about how and when this adventure will be coming to your phone, so hang on for more soon…

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Tunnels & Trolls Phone App in development!

Phone TT

Over the last few months we’ve been dropping hints that “something big” was in the works, and today we can reveal that the team  behind Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls (Ken St Andre, Liz Danforth, Rick Loomis, Bear Peters and Steve Crompton are currently working with MetaArcade president David Reid on the development of a system for phone apps that will use the T&T rules to run solo adventures and perhaps much more. Below is a link to the official video announcement from David Reid of MetaArcade.

There’s  also a bit more information in this official press release:
T&T Adventure platform from MetaArcade

In the next month or so  MetaArcade and the Fellowship of the Troll, we’ll be revealing even more details about what this new platform will be capable of and how T&T will fit into it all.  We’ll also have some other announcements as this project develops.  One thing we can say: you’ll be hearing more about his sooner than you think. Until then let us know your thoughts on the announcement and start thinking about what solos you want to play or even CREATE for this new gaming  realm we are all about to enter…

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The Fellowship reunites! But why?…

The old gang plays dT&T as a group! Plus, who is the mystery guest?

The old gang plays dT&T as a group! Plus, who is the mystery guest?

Last week I had the pleasure of host an extremely rare gaming event, where  Ken St Andre, Liz Danforth, Rick Loomis, Bear Peters and myself (Steve Crompton) played a T&T adventure together as a group.  Though we’ve all played T&T together in part at one time or another, this is probably the first time that all 5 of us have played at the same time in the same game.  Liz, Bear and Ken probably hadn’t played together in 30 years.  We all had a great time, and Ken ran a terrific and exciting adventure as the rest of us tried to get down from the top of the castle to the basement to try to close a portal that was allowing Drats (half-dragon/half rats) to swarm into the castle and wreck havoc.  I shall never forget it!  Great fun for all.  The event was even filmed, so maybe one day we’ll get to see that footage.

But the big question is WHY we were all gathered? What is the Fellowship of the Troll up to now?  We really can’t tell you anything at the moment as its all hush-hush. BUT in the picture above you’ll see that one of the other players  in our game has been blurred out of the picture. We can’t reveal his identity – yet. But some time in the future (perhaps soon) all will be revealed. Something cool is about to happen, but for now you’ll just have to guess and wait.

Also during the rare Fellowship gathering, four of us decided to take a visit to the old Flying Buffalo game store, which is now called the Game Depot.  Dave Petit  was the manager of the Flying Buffalo Game store, and now he owns the Game Depot.  We bought a game, said hi to the folks there and dropped off a couple of dT&T rulebooks; then we headed back to my place to play some more.

Ken, Bear, Liz and Steve go to the Game Depot for a visit.

Ken, Bear, Liz and Steve go to the Game Depot for a visit.

IN OTHER NEWS:  If you haven’t been getting or reading the dT&T Kickstarter Updates,  I wanted to be sure to add that as far as Flying Buffalo is concerned all the Kickstarter books and items have long since been shipped.  If you still don’t have yours, you need to contact Flying Buffalo and let them know.  A few items did come back as non-deliverable and we’ve tried to contact those people with no luck.  So if you are one of those few remaining Kickstarter backers, let us know.

OK that’s it for now – let the speculations begin!  What’s YOUR guess as to what secret project is the Fellowship of the Troll up to?  Let us know below…



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