Classic 5th Edition T&T now on Drive-Thru Rpg

T&T 5th CovBlog

Restored 5th Edition cover uses high-res scan of Liz Danforth’s original painting.

Due to the continued interest in Old School Rpgs, and their historical significance, (not to mention demands from the the fans), we are issuing the classic 5th edition of Tunnels & Trolls as a downloadable PDF, so if you didn’t get a copy back in the good old days now you can finally get it. This is first time the 5th edition has been made available in this format and it will join the 1st edition rules along with Deluxe T&T at Drive thru RPG. (Search for Flying Buffalo from the main page) 

Partial thanks is due to a long series of articles about 1st edition T&T and how it compares to to the later T&T editions and D&D. Here is a link to the first article in that series, which is a great read if you really want to discover the origins and the innovations that our very own Ken St Andre created.

Here’s the Drive thru description: Tunnels & Trolls is the 2nd oldest role-playing game and has been in print since 1976. This 100 page PDF contains the classic and widely popular 5th edition of T&T. This is the version that most people remember and used from 1979 to 2003. Like most rpgs you play this with a GM and a group of players. Play is quick and streamlined and T&T has more emphasis on role-playing and less on charts and reference books. All the rules you need are in this book and there is even a small GM adventure in this book you can use. The other unique aspect of T&T is that it’s one of the few rpgs you can play solitaire. There are well over 50 solo adventures available, including 26 published by Flying Buffalo. (Many of them are on Drive-thru.)

Download a copy of the classic version of T&T and find out how the game progressed or just to play it “the old school way.” Everything inside this pdf is the same as the original printing (even the ads are the same). However the front and back cover were enhanced a little (see pictures.)

T&T 5th BackBlog

Back cover: The text remains the same, but the background is a little more interesting.

Let us know your memories of 5th edition T&T in the comments section.

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5 thoughts on “Classic 5th Edition T&T now on Drive-Thru Rpg

  1. John Bennett


  2. grandpachet

    Now all I need is 2nd and 3rd editions!

    And the return of Trollhalla of course.

    OSR? TnT is still Old School – even though it’s always been at least a decade ahead of its time. And now a whole new generation gets to jump in with probably the simplest to use version of the most flexible RPG.

    Thank you, Rick, Steve, Liz, and not least – Ken. But I’m betting it was you and Steve who did the new scanning and clean-up of the files.

  3. SSCrompton

    Well – we’ll do what we can Chet! And I am honored to be a part of the Fellowship. Always glad to try to move it forward. With all the interest in OSRpg, it seemed like the right time!

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  5. Matthew

    I was super excited to see this for sale at DriveThruRPG (where I immediately purchased a copy)! I picked up the boxed set of T&T 5th edition at my local hobby store in the early 1980’s and it remains one of my favorites.

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