Flying Buffalo’s FINAL Bundle of Holding!

This is the LAST Flying Buffalo T&T Bundle of holding! The BIG one – the Final chance to get a TON of new pdf Rules, solos and more from this Special Bundle of Holding offer. If you haven’t picked up some of the new stuff we’ve put on Drive-thru now is your chance! If you want to get these out of print solos and other cool items at an amazing price – this will probably be your final opportunity…

We will not be doing anymore Bundles of Holding, so this is the last one. – Now let’s get back to what’s in it! Over the last 2 years the team at Buffalo have been putting up both new and classic T&T and All-System Catalyst books on In fact at this point we have over 105 books, solos and games to choose from on Drive-thru. If you want to see all our offerings there, here is a link:

First off let’s look at the T&T Bundle offerings. You get everything shown below if you get both T&T tiers… One exciting addition is the new 2nd edition Monsters! Monsters! rpg by Ken St Andre – The rpg where YOU get to play the monsters! This was published in 2020 via a successful Kickstarter and this is the first time they have been offered as part of the Flying Buffalo line! Its an all new game, but still compatible with T&T. It’s a must-have for any T&T fan. You also get everything else shown below!

THE LAST T&T BUNDLE OF HOLDING – Available Now! Here’s what’s in it:

SOLITAIRE COLLECTION (Retail value $77.50) (But you’ll pay waaaay less than this!)
T&T Beginners’ Bundle (retail price $6)
18 T&T solos (total retail $71.50):
Alice in Weirdworld ($4),
Amulet of the Salkti ($4),
Beyond the Silvered Pane ($3),
Beyond the Wall of Tears ($4),
Blue Frog Tavern ($4),
Captif d’Yvoire ($4),
Caravan to Tiern ($4),
Dargon’s Dungeon ($3),
Dark Temple ($4.50),
Grimtina’s Guard ($3),
Labyrinth ($4),
Mistywood ($4),
Overkill ($4),
Red Circle ($4),
Saving Fang – Deluxe ($4),
Sword for Hire ($4),
Weirdworld ($4),
When the Cat’s Away ($6)
(threshold starts at $24.95 – additional retail value $49)
Deluxe T&T corebook ($20) + GM Screen ($1)
Monsters! Monsters! 2E ($10)
5 T&T GM adventures (total $18):
Catacombs of the Bear Cult ($3),
Goblin Crag ($2),
Grimtooth’s Tomb of the Warhammer ($4),
Isle of Darksmoke ($5),
Trollstone Caverns: Lair of the Silver Serpent ($4)

27 titles, 5 slots, total retail value $126.50 – go to the Bundle page to see what the actual price is = less than $29 !
The Link! Tunnels & Trolls 2 Bundle:

Now for the All-System Catalyst Bundle. (These books are usable with ANY RPG) We’ve added a lot of stuff here too including the rest of the Traps books, the City of the Gods Map Pack, Lejentia, Maps 1&2 and an expanded version of the Wilderness Encounters book! Here’s what’s in this Final Catalyst bundle… (And remember almost all these books are at least 72 pages.)

THE LAST CATALYST BUNDLE OF HOLDING- Available Now! Here’s what’s in it:

STARTER COLLECTION (US$9.95 – retail value $47) (But you’ll pay waaaay less than this!)
CityBooks I-III ($5 apiece, total $15)
Grimtooth’s Traps 1-2 ($5 apiece, total $10)
2 Catalyst Maps books (total $13):
*Maps 1: Cities ($6),
*Maps 2: Places of Legend ($7)
City of the Gods Map Pack ($4)
Treasure Vault ($5)
(threshold starts at $19.95 – retail value $58.50)
CityBooks IV-VII ($5 apiece, total $20)
Grimtooth’s Traps 3-4 ($5 apiece, total $10)
3 more Grimtooth’s Traps books (total $15.50):
*Grimtooth’s Traps Lite ($5),
*Grimtooth’s Dungeon of Doom ($5.50),
*Grimtooth’s Traps Bazaar ($5)
*Elves of Lejentia Mythos Pack ($5)
*Wilderness Encounters ($8)

* newly added to this revival
20 titles, 10 slots, total retail value: $105.50
7 new titles; total retail of new titles $41.50 – go to the Bundle page to see what the actual price is = less than $24 !
The link! Catalyst Bundle:

Final thoughts: We hope you will all help spread the word about this last chance Bundle of Holding for the Catalyst books and the T&T books. If you already have all these pdfs but want to help T&T and Buffalo, please share the links on your Facebook feeds and Instagram. This may be your last chance for your friends to get all these books that you folks love at a an amazing discount price. That is the best thing you can do. The money that Buffalo gets from this Bundle will help pay the Flying Buffalo Probate legal fees, and Ken, Liz, Steve and Rick Loomis’ family will get a cut of the proceeds.
And please feel free to comment and ask any questions you might have! We read all your comments…

The Link! Tunnels & Trolls 2 Bundle:

The link! Catalyst Bundle:

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Catacombs of the Bear Cult and Captif d’Yvoire now on Drive-thru rpg!

To end the year, Flying Buffalo has managed to get two more of our T&T adventures available as pdfs on Drive thru! Here are the details on each of those releases and how you can download a copy…

CATACOMBS of BEAR CULT: Originally released in 1981, this T&T GM adventure by Bear Peters has now been enhanced with color maps and additional art from the Tunnels & Trolls archives, including a brand new color map and never before seen art by Liz Danforth and Steve Crompton.

What Catacombs is about: The Cult of the Great Bear has become a deadly menace. A bounty has been placed on the heads of all Cult members –  and the Death Empress herself has promised a special reward for the person who brings to her the head of Bjourni oso-Medved, the leader of the dreaded Cult of the Bear.

Your group of characters has entered the territories of the Bear Cult. Their fame and fortune and their lives depend upon how well they deal with the shape-shifting highwaymen of the Great Road!

This is a Game Master’s adventure for Tunnels & Trolls.  You will need the Tunnels & Trolls rules to play. Originally designed for 5th edition T&T, you can also play this adventure with any other edition of T&T. Recommended for lower to mid level characters. Here’s a link to the Catacombs PDF:–GM-Adventure?manufacturers_id=2238

CAPTIF D’VOIRE T&T Solo #19: This classic solo has been out of print for many years and is now available on drive-thru. The covers have been enhanced and a few new illos have been added.

What its about: Taken by surprise, robbed of any chance to fight, you were made prisoner deep in a castle, chained by the evil Duc de Binaire. Left to rot in a filthy cell, you have only your wits to help you escape the strange Castle d’Yvoire. Eluding the guards and servants will be difficult, but worse yet may be the dark forces rallied by the Duc de Binaire!  You must confront them or remain a prisoner forever, just another Captif d’Yvoire (captive of d’Yvoire castle)!

This solitaire adventure is suitable for play by single humanoid characters no higher than level 4 with less than 80 combat adds. A Magic Matrix is included for magic-users. Here’s a link to take you to the PDF:–TT-solo?manufacturers_id=2238

Flying Buffalo Art director Steve Crompton talks about the process:
“Different books need differing amounts of work. For example, Catacombs only had 4 interior illustrations, but there was room to add about 10 more, so I did. Since it was a gm adventure there were maps, I colorized those and added another map that showed the great road where this adventure takes place. I also enhanced the front and back cover art, so that Liz’s great cover illustration could be better seen. Captif d’Voire has 16 illustrations and didn’t need much work other than scanning and cleaning up. I did a couple of extra illustrations and created an upgraded back cover, but that was about it. So what gets changed or added, depends on the particular adventure I am working on.”

Flying Buffalo’s plan is to continue to scan and get all of their rpg related adventures and supplements up on Drive thru. So far we have 94 items up there. in 2020 we managed to get 17 new items on Drive-thru and will continue the process in 2021. If you have a particular Buffalo book you’d like to see on Drive-thru let us know in the comments section below – Maybe we’ll do that one next!

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MAPs 2 Catalyst book and Red Circle T&T solo now on Drive-thru

This month we have two releases to announce on – the first one is the Red Circle Tunnels & Trolls solo and the other is MAPs 2: Places of Legend, an All-System Catalyst book. Here’s some details and link for each book…

RED CIRCLE – This solo by Best-Selling author Michael Stackpole has been scanned, enhanced, and is now available for the first time as a pdf. It also is illustrated by the award-winning Liz Danforth. 

The Red Circle… Just hearing the name sends a chill down your spine. No one is quite certain why these normally friendly, tribal nomads have become savage raiders, but the bloody evidence of their marauding can be seen throughout the region. This would not normally disturb you, but your wanderings have drawn you into the besieged holding of Baron Valdemar.

The Baron doesn’t seem to be that bad a sort, but the folks in his employ lack certain manners. The Baron makes you an offer: eliminate the raiders, and he’ll make you richer than you could possibly imagine.

Sounds too good to be true? It probably is. Though the Baron forgets to mention it, you’ll soon discover his offer has a number of “fine print” clauses that spell danger for for any adventurer foolish enough to accept it. The Baron doesn’t really worry about that, though, because your only alternative to accepting his offer is death. But who wants to live forever anyway?
Here’s a direct link to RED CIRCLE pdf on Drivethrurpg.

MAPs 2: Places of Legend – this book contains maps of 16 legendary locations which can be used anywhere in your campaign. Each Place of Legend is fully mapped, with major points of interest & the background of the city and its people described. Adventure ideas for gaming are also included in this newly expanded 103 page book.

A wide variety of Legendary Places are described in MAPS 2 including The Land Of Oz, Atlantis, Mount Olympus, Camelot, Asgard, King Soloman’s Mine, Volcana the Island Base of Captain Nemo, The Nautilus, The 13th Floor, and many other Legendary Places of different sizes and types in a variety locations. Like any Catalyst Series Game Aid, MAPS 2 works well with any fantasy oriented role-playing campaign or system, giving you just what you need to run great overland adventures in well-known places of Legend. (Note you do NOT need Maps 1 to use Maps 2 But they make a nice set and we have that up on Drive-thru too.)

This remastered and updated version also includes a brand new full-color section that adds the City of the Gods and its surrounding Realms, which allow you to place locations from Both Maps 1 and Maps 2 into a grander campaign setting. All the maps have been digitally toned and enhanced maps throughout the book along with some new art.

Here’s a direct link to MAPs 2: Places of Legend on Drivethrurpg

Or if that link doesn’t work use this one:

Our goal is to get all the Catalyst and Tunnels & Trolls adventures that we have published up on Drive-thru. In the last year we have gotten 16 books up on Drive-thru and we’ll continue the process. If you have a particular book of ours you’d like to see up on drive-thru, let us know. Maybe we’ll do that one next! In the meantime, take a look at all our recent releases – you’re bound to see something you’d like.

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TODAY! at 4PM EST Monsters! Monsters! Behind the scenes Interview!!!

This Saturday  (TODAY) at 4PM Eastern standard time Ken St Andre and Steve Crompton will be intervierw  live and online about T&T and Monsters! Monsters! GHet behind the scene info on the history of M!M! making of the books and the behind the scenes process of running a Kickstarter!  Ask your questions of the the tow characters that brought you this new version of Monsters Monsters and Toughest Dungeon in the world! 

Here is the event on facebook-
Here is the event on Youtube Live: 

Here is the event on our website- 

Read It Again  Book store is doing asn sponsoring this interview

Located in Georgia (Atlanta metro area),  Read it again books who by the way has print copies of M!M! and signed print copies of Toughest Dungeon, in the store,  is interviewing

Ken St. Andre


Steve Crompton

on Sept 19 at 4pm Eastern Standard Time. I’m honored to be helping with the interview. This interview will be simultaneously live broadcast to YouTube as well as Facebook. We just worked out the kinks with the technology and looks like we’re good to go!

Spread the word –  let you friends know!

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Flying Buffalo has Released 14 books in the last 9 months!

Hello all!  Its been a while since we’ve done an update on this blog and that was due to a glitch in our webserver that did not allow us to have access to the blog’s administrative side.  This was partly due to the passing of Flying Buffalo’s (much missed) founder Rick Loomis’ and the fact that only he was able to access the admin part of this site.  However, we have fixed that, and we are now able to post here once again.

Obviously there is a lot to catch up on, but as you can see from the title of this post, we wanted to really show the Buffalo has been Flying, by announcing all our releases since December.  Its a record-breaking number of new and reissued solos, new gm adventures and other unique rpg related items that has brought a lot of joy to those of you who are fans of our materials or looking for something new to try out.

August 2020 products Seven of these releases are new or complete redos of previous versions of some of our books and seven of these are out-of-print solos or adventures that we have re-released for the first time in 20 years.  So let’s take a brief look at them.  All of these are currently available at Drive-Thru rpg.  We’ve focused on digital releases due to the temporary closure of so many stores across the US.  But in the future we plan to print many (if not all) of these books in the near future…

N E W    B O O K S
The Continent of Arabor – is a new Full-color 90 page campaign book that details an entirely new hidden continent on Trollworld. This is hopefully the first in a series of mythos-packs that will revel new places, realms and genres for use with T&T
Deluxe Saving Fang – The Fellowship took the 1st edition solo that was released in 2013 and Ken made it compatible with dT&T. We also upgraded the GM adventure, the art and added a color cover.
Red Cult of Vladimire – This is the first new MSPE GM Adventure since 1993 and takes place in San Francisco in the 1950’s. Are Communists about the explode a Nuclear bomb in the bay and can your team stop them before its too late?
Grimtooth’s Tomb of the Warhammer – Originally issued as a GM adventure for  the DCC rpg, Ken St Andre and Steve Crompton have changed the stats and some of the art so that it is now a full-on T&T GM adventure.
Alice in Weirdworld – This brand new solo adventure is based on the Alice in Wonderland adventures by Lewis Carroll and is the first time we’ve released a solo based on an existing literary work. It also includes a special version of the T&T Mini-Rules.
How to Write a Solo Adventure – This unique collection of articles by Mike Stackpole, Ken St Andre and other editors at Buffalo gives you plenty of tips and advice on how to write solo and gm adventures for T&T, but applies to any sort of rpg game.
Deluxe ElvenLords – This expanded, rewritten edition of the long-out-print solo is almost twice as big as the original and includes plenty of new art by Liz Danforth.

R E P R I N T E D    B O O K S
Dargon’s Dungeon – One of the few solos that allows for a party of adventurers to enter, Dargon’s also has an extensive magic matrix and was co-written by Mike Stackpole and Paul O’Connor (of Grimtooth’s Traps fame).
Beyond the Wall of Tears – This solo takes place in a dream realm and you have to try to rescue your sister who has been kidnapped by Dark forces.
Overkill – Another solo by Mike Stackpole that allows you to take in a whole party of adventurers on a secret mission to Castle Overkill.
Goblin Crag – GM Adventure originally published as a limited edition for GenCon 2005.  This enhanced version includes a new full-color map of the dungeon, a color map of where in Trollworld this adventure is, and some additional new art.
Maps 1: Book of Cities –  Contains maps of over 20 cities which can be used anywhere in your campaign. Each city is fully mapped, with major points of interest & the  background of the city and its people described. Adventure ideas for gaming are also included in this 103 page book. For any rpg.
Dark Temple – This 64 page solo sets you off on an adventure to deliver a magic scroll while trying to avoid a secret cult. No matter what, you’ll end up at the Dark Temple!
Trollstone Caverns – Another hard to find GM adventure returns. This one is meant for 1st level and other beginning characters, with new art, maps and the T&T Mini-Rules. (Perfect for beginning characters and GMs!)

Every month since October of 2019 we have released one or two books on Drive-thrurpg and we plan to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. If you would like to get any of these new Flying Buffalo books be sure to visit our publisher page at Drive-Thru

We’ve also printed a few books as well, including Alice in Weirdworld,  ElvenLords and Sewers of Oblivion.  All of those are available from Flying and will soon be on as well.  Once the Covid Virus situation has gotten better and more of the stores are open, we’ll start getting some of these books printed and make them available in physical form. In the meantime, maybe your see a new release you’d like to download. Now is the perfect time to try out a solo adventure if you can’t get together with your gaming group!

I N    M E M O R I U M…
Rick Loomis pic 5 crop

On August 22nd it will be the one year anniversary of Rick Loomis’ passing from cancer, Rick was Flying Buffalo’s founder, President and our friend, mentor and the family patriarch of the Loomis family.  We think about Rick every day and miss him greatly. He helped and guided many people both in and outside of the adventure gaming industry. Feel free to share your thoughts and remembrances about Rick in the comments section below.  Did Rick help you?  Tell us about it…

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Monsters! Monsters! Kickstarter and new T&T solo announcements

Alice in Weirdworld T&T solo ( with mini T&T rules)

TtT2sainyukou pdf

This all-new Tunnels & Trolls solitaire adventure is based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and is the first T&T solo we’ve published ever based on an existing written work.  Play Alice or a character of your own design as you chase the rabbit into a weird world that resembles Wonderland, but is strangely different in many ways. Can you get to the Queen and escape Weirdworld, or will get trapped there forever? The book also uses over 30 of the orgianl Sir John Tenniel illustration from the two Lewis Carrol Alice books.  There are also additional illos in the solo that match the style of Tenniel’s art.

This new book also includes the 10 page Tunnels & Trolls Mini Rules, which allows you to play this solo adventure without the regular T&T Rulebook and 3 pre-rolled characters you can use in the adventure. This book is the perfect introduction for new players. 64 pages and this is being solicited to stores and distributors. We should have some advance copies at Origins and GenCon too.


Monsters! Monsters! and the Toughest Dungeon in the World return anew via Kickstarter

KS Monsters Deluxe image crop

In 1976 Ken St Andre, the creator of the 2nd oldest role-playing game, Tunnels & Trolls created a companion game to T&T, called Monsters Monsters! It was first published by Metagaming Concepts and then again by Flying Buffalo in 1979. The game remained unchanged from then until now.  In 1980 Judges Guild published The Toughest Dungeon in the World a solitaire adventure that was meant to be played with Monsters! Monsters! or Tunnels & Trolls. Since then several new editions of T&T have come out and Ken St Andre was inducted into the Origins Hall of Fame. Ken is one of the last standing creators of the first generation of role-playing game designers and is still working on the classic games he created.

Now it’s 2020 – Ken St. Andre has updated and created a new edition of Monsters! Monsters! and Toughest Dungeon in the World.  What’s new in these books?  Ken has updated and enhanced his classic solo adventure and the Monsters! Monsters! Rules.  The new M! M! rules lists 38 monster kindreds you can play, gives you their dice modifiers and now each monster has a special power unique to its kindred. Each monster is described in a separate section. Its also better organized and easier to use. (For example – now the monsters are separated into humanoid and non-humanoid types)  There are two character sheets you can use along with specialized charts that allow you to roll up  various types of Monsters based on many common frpg environments.

This new edition of the Toughest Dungeon solo is at least 44 pages long and will keep any player busy for a lot of adventure in caverns and tunnels deep below Trollworld. The Lord of Shadows dwells in the depths – can you avoid his power or will you be corrupted by it?  One other thing we should add is that you can play this solo with the Tunnels &Trolls rules or the Monsters! Monsters! rules, so you don’t have to learn an whole new rpg to play it.

Steve Crompton, who has worked as Flying Buffalo’s Art Director since the 1990’shave enhanced it with new illustrations and graphics more suitable for  a monster-mash solo adventure. Most of the illustrations in the book are by Phil Longmierer, a long-time fantasy artist who specializes in drawing monsters that perfectly fit the tone and style of Ken’s creative writings. This new edition is at least 44 pages long and will keep any player busy for a lot of adventure in caverns and tunnels deep below Trollworld. The Lord of Shadows dwells in the depths – can you avoid his power or will you be corrupted by it?  One other thing we should add is that you can play this solo with the Tunnels &Trolls rules or the Monsters! Monsters! rules, so you don’t have to learn an whole new rpg to play it.

Few RPGs still have the opportunity for its original designer to work on a new versions of their classic works over 40 years later.  Don’t miss out on being a part of a piece of gaming history – the return of Monsters! Monsters! and a chance to explore “The Toughest Dungeon in the World!” (No matter what edition you get!)

Here’s link to the Monsters! Monsters! Kickstarter – it’s live now, so get in now and see the various formats that the M!M! Rules and Toughest solo are being offered. Although this isn’t an official Flying Buffalo Kickstarter, Ken ans Steve are a big part of  Flying Buffalo and Flying Buffalo will be carrying and selling these two books once the Kickstarter is over. Part of the reason for this Kickstarter being separate from Buffalo is that there is that Rick Loomis’ estate is in probate since his passing in August and it was decided that it would be more secure keeping this separate.  But we can tell you that there will be more Kickstarters from Buffalo to help celebrate its 50th Anniversary!

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Flying Buffalo and T&T: an Update

Happy Holidays all!  This month, we thought we’d give you an update on the latest developments on the T&T front. As you probably know, Rick Loomis passed away at the end of August and it left a big hole in hearts and in the operations of Flying Buffalo. But his family and the rest of the Buffalo team have carried on forward and since then we manged to be represented at the Essen show in Germany and have continued to run Play-By-Mail games, solicit Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes to the retailers, keep on top of our social media, ship orders and even come out with some new products!  Here’s our three most release releases all related to T&T…

T&T Dec 2019

Newest Release: T&T Solo Guidelines: HOW TO WRITE A SOLO ADVENTURE
This new book was just put up on Drive-thru a week or two ago and is a collection of the T&T solo (and GM) Dugeon design Guidelines. Now you can take advantage of the knowledge and experience of some of the legends that created the solitaire adventure genre and learn how to craft your own adventures. This 45 page primer includes material written by Rick Loomis, Ken St Andre and Michael Stackpole. Learn the secrets to creating a good solo and get a glimpse at a piece of rpg history that few fans ever got to see; the legendary Solo Adventure Guidelines for Writing T&T Solitaires. HERE’S A LINK DIRECTLY TO THE PDF. 

A GM ADVENTURE – Trollstone Caverns: Lair of the Silver Serpant
This adventure by Ken St Andre is meant for 1st level and other beginning characters. You go to the fabled Trollstone Caverns,  lair of the legendary Silver Serpent, and also for a large clan of Uruks—the Scarlet Wolf Clan. To these caverns you have come in search of adventure, loot, or possibly even the venom of the Silver Serpent.  We have incuded the T&T Mini-Rules, which  shows you how to create characters, do combat and run an adventure.  There are also 4 pre-rolled characters that come with this book and 2 blank character sheets that you can copy and use to create your own character.  HERE’S A LINK DIRECTLY TO THE PDF.

A SOLO ADVENTURE: Deluxe Elven Lords
This expanded edition of this rare solo (now more than double the size of the original 1990 version) includes lots of new art created especially for this adventure by award-winning illustrator Liz Danforth. (This book also includes the T&T mini-rules)
Gull, the largest city on the isle of Phoron welcomes you once again.  Ignore the painted barbarians lurking in the jungles surrounding the city and try to forget about the annual pirate raids, and the criminal gangs running cutthroat smuggling rings. You needn’t even worry about the horror to the north despoiling Elven tombs. Truth is, if you wanted nice, you would have stayed at home. Gull and its environs are once again at their best in this collection of interlocking adventures, now expanded with new paths, characters and dangers by best-selling Michael Stackpole.  HERE’S A LINK DIRECTLY TO THE PDF.

THESE ARE ONLY AVAILABLE ON DRIVE-THRU RPG: Right now we are putting out these out exclusively on Drive-Thru RPG, but eventually we’ll be  issuing printed versions of these books. The delay is due to the settling of Rick Loomis’s estate and making sure all the proper legal steps have been taken before we actually print any new material.  Don’t worry though – we anticipate this will be worked out in the near future.  But if you can’t wait till summer you can download all of these right now.

Ok that’s the latest from your friends at Flying Buffalo! Stay well and have a great Christmas, Hanukkah or however you celebrate the Holidays!  Have you gotten any of these books yet?  Did you enjoy them? Let us know your  thoughts below.



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MSPE rpg now Available for All

MSPE LINE jpg fbi
NEW MSPE Rules etc. now available for sale!
YES – If you weren’t part of the Kickstarter you can now order the New MSPE items directly from Flying Buffalo. Items. prices and ordering details below…

MSPE Hardcover Edition: $55.00
MSPE Softcover Edition: $22.95
MSPE GM Screen: $10.95
Stormhaven GM Adventure Pack: $10.95
Mugshots: Case of the Pacific Clipper solo: $15.95
Jade Jaguar Solitaire: $9.95

HOW TO ORDER: Total up which items you want and ADD $5 FOR USA SHIPPING.
Send your payment via Paypal to Be sure to include your mailing address and a list of the items you want in your PayPal message when you pay.

NOTE Overseas buyers: If you are overseas, contact us at email and we’ll give you a shipping price based on where you are and what you want to order. (US orders only pay $5 shipping) If you have any questions please post them below.

The books are also available from Amazon (look for Carnal Comics as the seller if you want to get the new editions).

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Everyone is invited to a public memorial service for Rick Loomis to be held at Scottsdale, AZ at the church that Rick attended for many years and worked as a Camp Councilor at.

Rick was President of Flying Buffalo for 49 years, President of GAMA and the PBMA on several occasions and attended conventions all over the United States and Europe.
Rick was probably the very first person to ever own a computer that was devoted to running just a game (1972). He published the 2nd oldest RPG: Tunnels & Trolls, wrote the first T&T solo adventure, brought the Nuclear War Card Game back to the public eye,published the Citybooks and Grimtooth’s Traps and published numerous other games, dice and rpg materials.  He is missed by many.

We invite people from the gaming industry and his friends and family to attend and join together as a community to honor Rick’s life and accomplishments.

If you are interested in speaking at this gathering please contact us at and your request will be forwarded to the family.
United Methodist Church
4140 N Miller Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
the service is on October 19th 2019 at 11 AM
There may also be a meeting later that day at a local gamestore that was once owned by Flying Buffalo – Details on that to follow…
Memorial donations can still be made to Rick’s Gofundme page at:
Thank you.
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We miss you Rick and the Buffalo is still Flying!

Rick Loomis pic 5 mspe

By now many of you may have heard the sad news that Rick Loomis, President of Flying Buffalo and a gaming industry legend, passed away on Aug 23rd, just a few hours before his 72nd birthday. Rick created and ran Flying Buffalo for almost 50 years, and was also President of GAMA (Gaming Manufacturers of America) on several occasions.

Rick’s loss leaves a huge hole in our hearts and Flying Buffalo. Rick was our mentor, our friend (a brother for his sisters) and the intermediary between the high-flying goals of the creative team and the real world. He helped us stay on track and reminded us of the limits of our budgets. Rick also made sure that whatever we created would be something that players would want. And many, many times he made suggestions that made a game more playable or an adventure more usable. We will miss Rick every single day, and we plan to honor his wishes and hopes for the future of Flying Buffalo going forward.

So What Happens now?
Rick’s sisters and the entire Buffalo team are committed to continuing to process and ship out your Kickstarter and other orders. In fact just today I did another 25 orders and they are now in shipping, ready to be packaged up. And tomorrow we’ll be taking 40 finished orders to the post office. As of now, we only have about 175 MSPE orders left to ship out of the original 675 we started with. And we will continue to ship out your orders until all of them have gone out. After that, we will move on to doing the same thing for Elvenlords the other Kickstarter that needs to be completed.

Is Flying Buffalo going to Keep publishing?
Down the road there will also be new products for T&T, MSPE, Nuclear War, and Catalyst books like new Traps and Citybooks. They may not come as quickly as we’d like right now, as there is a lot to do in regards to taking care of Rick’s estate and Flying Buffalo. But rest assured, we are soldiering onward. That’s what Rick wanted us to do – and we plan to do just that. We have numerous projects in various stages of completion and we will find a way to bring those forward.

Please feel free to post your comments below and if you want to contribute to help with Rick’s medical bills, funeral arrangements and other outstanding bills that have accrued due to Rick’s illness, you can contribute to Ricks GOFUNDME 

Thank you all for your concern, your patience and your belief in Rick’s dream – Flying Buffalo.

Steve Crompton – Manager Flying Buffalo

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