Authorized Tunnels & Trolls Websites, Dealers and co-publishers

(Accept no substitutes)

SItes that we endorse

SItes that we endorse

Some websites claim to be official sellers or publishers of Tunnels and Trolls materials, but there are some out there who are indeed not.  So in the public interest, here are sites that are selling new and out of print T&T products that we of the Trollish Fellowship endorse!  We’ll be updating this list as we go.  Are you supposed to be on this list?  Do you sell authorized T&T Products or regularly report T&T News? Let us know and we’ll add you to the list


Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Kickstarter Page

Flying Buffalo’s T&T Page

French Edition Tunnels & Trolls

Tavern Master Games

Peryton Publishing

Fiery Dragon

Jeff Werx

Troll Hammer Press

The Lone Delver

Trollish Delver Games


News from the DT&T Fellowship


Ken St Andre’s Blog

Liz Danforth

Troll Bridge

The Troll Mystic


T&T character generator

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One thought on “Authorized Tunnels & Trolls Websites, Dealers and co-publishers

  1. Looks like something got pasted into the Trollish Delver Games link by mistake. It doesn’t go where it says it does.

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