Behold the dT&T Limited Edition!

By Steven S. Crompton

Article by Steven S. Crompton

This time around, we’d figured it was time to officially reveal the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Limited Edition Rulebook. We’ve had these for a week or so, but things have been busy.  Anyway here are the details…  Only 105 of these were made. (100 include a signed and numbered bookplate and the other 5 are proof copies that will include an unnumbered (but signed) bookplate.  The book plates are signed by the whole Fellowship: Ken, Liz, Rick, Steve & Bear – so you’ll have the whole gang all on one place. Pretty handy for you collectors out there.

Book int he slipcase. A mighty slab of dT&T coolness!

Book in the slipcase. A mighty slab of dT&T coolness!

Each book comes in a matching black slipcase with the Trolhead logo emblazoned in gold on the front.  Really the photos speak for themselves, so take look. The insides are the same as the Regular Hardcover and include the end pages and the 16 page color section.

The book itself has the dT&T logo in gold foil and then embossed into the book is a small version of Liz Danforth’s cover painting for the regular rulebook.

Another feature of the limited edition is the green edging that was added to the sides of the pages on all three edges of the book.  This gives the book a deep magical feel and matches the green effects at the top and bottom of the color section pages.

Book open showing the adhesive-backed signed bookplate and the endpages.

Book open showing the adhesive-backed signed bookplate and the end pages.

Almost all of these were already sold to Kickstarter backers, but a there will be about fifteen copies that will still be available for a very limited time.  Needless to say, we won’t ever be making this particular edition of the book again, so if you really want one of the ultimate T&T collectibles ever made, contact Flying Buffalo and tell Rick you want one right now. We sold one a couple of days ago for $400, but if you figure that people are paying $1000 to see  Star Wars on the first day, $400 is a bargain.  The rest of the fellowship get a few copies, so they might sell you one too, so you can always ask them…


Oct blog 2015
Shipping continues unabated at Flying Buffalo and here is a photo of the latest dT&T Kickstarter shipment ready to go to the Post Office.  This time 62 packages (almost all of them rulebooks) are eagerly ready for Rick to put them in his car and get them shipped.  So keep checking your mailbox – one of these might be yours!

Also author and game designer Sarah Newton plays the new edition of Buffalo Castle and gives us a blow-by-blow and memory-filled account of the first solo rpg adventure ever written. Read here.

What edition is this anyway?  We’ve seen that a bunch of you have started calling dT&T the 8th edition and you are welcome to do so if that is your preference.  But just so you know the fellowship has had lengthy discussions on this topic and  we all decided to call this Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls.  Part of the reason is that the book certainly IS Deluxe in every way, but the other reason is that we hope that Deluxe will allow those of you that prefer 4th or 5th or 7th edition to be able to use Deluxe as an adjunct to your favorite version of T&T rather then feel like you are being “left behind.”  We really tried to emphasize that you can adapt Deluxe to your “house rules” and if that’s 4th or 7th edition, more power to you.  Anyway that’s WHY we are calling it Deluxe,

I’m reminded of the Beatles who came out with a double album in 1968 called “the Beatles” but because the cover was white, everyone called it the “White Album.”  So they had no choice in what it was called in the end,  Maybe that is dT&T’s fate as well… Whatever you call the new rules – enjoy them and have fun!

Meanwhile let us know what you think of the Limited Edition Rulebook!

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14 thoughts on “Behold the dT&T Limited Edition!

  1. I’m assuming some of those boxes being shipped contain softbacks.

  2. SSCrompton

    Glen if you ordered just a softcover rulebook and you have not gotten notice of it, You need to go back to the dT&T Kickstarter and send Rick Loomis a message to let him know you didn’t get it, A bunch of books have come back to us because the address is wrong or has changed, So let Rick know and he’ll sort that out with you within the next 24 hours.

    • I emailed Rick a week ago (I can’t use the KS comments – I sent my contribution via PayPal so I guess I’m not officially on the KS rolls) and haven’t heard from him.

      • SSCrompton

        Glen, I will call Rick and get you an answer. What version of the new rules did you order, softcover or hardcover?

  3. Just a softcover. I contributed at the $26 level (First Citizen of Khazan). I have a copy of the PP receipt if you need it.

    Thanks for the help Steve. Much appreciated.

    • SSCrompton

      I’ll have an answer for you later today. We really are a fellowship, so I’m more than happy to jump in and help with shipping, delivering books to Flying Buffalo, helping fans or whatever else needs to be done to get this project to its end point., That’s what a fellowship is all about. All in to help each other to the bitter end!

      • …and MY AXE!! 😉

        I understand. It’s great you guys stick together and support each other. More companies shoud learn from that.

  4. SSCrompton

    Glen, I spoke to Rick. Your Softcover book and GM screen will be in the mail on Monday.
    Cheers Steve

    • Steve you’re a prince. I’ll be looking forward to getting it. I gave Rick my current address a while back so there should be smooth sailing from here. Many thanks again.

  5. DG

    As someone who did not back the kickstarter, I fully respect that you’re fulfilling for backers first. But as someone who bought the promise of a physical copy at Gencon, I keep hoping that you’re finishing up with them, and soon will be shipping out Gencon copies?

  6. SSCrompton

    DG: We are very close to shipping the GenCon orders. Go ahead and contact Rick Loomis at Flying Buffalo and he can check on your order and get that on its way to you. He’ll need to know your name, which edition you ordered and the date (Sometime during GenCon no doubt), He’ll also need your current address. Hope that helps and thanks for being so patient!

    • DG

      It looks like you’re still not done with shipping the KS backers versions yet? Because I haven’t received my Gencon purchased softcover. I did get a response about a month ago when I asked last, but I hate to keep hounding. Any updates available? My shipping address still hasn’t changed! 🙂

  7. Frank

    I haven’t gotten my GenCon softcover either. I just sent another email last week or so asking for an update and have heard nothing back yet…

    Kinda getting near Xmas and all.

  8. DG

    Past New Years, and I’m checking back in to see what progress there has been on shipping backer copies….And by extension, my GenCon advanced purchase copy. :/

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