MSPE rpg now Available for All

MSPE LINE jpg fbi
NEW MSPE Rules etc. now available for sale!
YES – If you weren’t part of the Kickstarter you can now order the New MSPE items directly from Flying Buffalo. Items. prices and ordering details below…

MSPE Hardcover Edition: $55.00
MSPE Softcover Edition: $22.95
MSPE GM Screen: $10.95
Stormhaven GM Adventure Pack: $10.95
Mugshots: Case of the Pacific Clipper solo: $15.95
Jade Jaguar Solitaire: $9.95

HOW TO ORDER: Total up which items you want and ADD $5 FOR USA SHIPPING.
Send your payment via Paypal to Be sure to include your mailing address and a list of the items you want in your PayPal message when you pay.

NOTE Overseas buyers: If you are overseas, contact us at email and we’ll give you a shipping price based on where you are and what you want to order. (US orders only pay $5 shipping) If you have any questions please post them below.

The books are also available from Amazon (look for Carnal Comics as the seller if you want to get the new editions).

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