Flying Buffalo and T&T: an Update

Happy Holidays all!  This month, we thought we’d give you an update on the latest developments on the T&T front. As you probably know, Rick Loomis passed away at the end of August and it left a big hole in hearts and in the operations of Flying Buffalo. But his family and the rest of the Buffalo team have carried on forward and since then we manged to be represented at the Essen show in Germany and have continued to run Play-By-Mail games, solicit Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes to the retailers, keep on top of our social media, ship orders and even come out with some new products!  Here’s our three most release releases all related to T&T…

T&T Dec 2019

Newest Release: T&T Solo Guidelines: HOW TO WRITE A SOLO ADVENTURE
This new book was just put up on Drive-thru a week or two ago and is a collection of the T&T solo (and GM) Dugeon design Guidelines. Now you can take advantage of the knowledge and experience of some of the legends that created the solitaire adventure genre and learn how to craft your own adventures. This 45 page primer includes material written by Rick Loomis, Ken St Andre and Michael Stackpole. Learn the secrets to creating a good solo and get a glimpse at a piece of rpg history that few fans ever got to see; the legendary Solo Adventure Guidelines for Writing T&T Solitaires. HERE’S A LINK DIRECTLY TO THE PDF. 

A GM ADVENTURE – Trollstone Caverns: Lair of the Silver Serpant
This adventure by Ken St Andre is meant for 1st level and other beginning characters. You go to the fabled Trollstone Caverns,  lair of the legendary Silver Serpent, and also for a large clan of Uruks—the Scarlet Wolf Clan. To these caverns you have come in search of adventure, loot, or possibly even the venom of the Silver Serpent.  We have incuded the T&T Mini-Rules, which  shows you how to create characters, do combat and run an adventure.  There are also 4 pre-rolled characters that come with this book and 2 blank character sheets that you can copy and use to create your own character.  HERE’S A LINK DIRECTLY TO THE PDF.

A SOLO ADVENTURE: Deluxe Elven Lords
This expanded edition of this rare solo (now more than double the size of the original 1990 version) includes lots of new art created especially for this adventure by award-winning illustrator Liz Danforth. (This book also includes the T&T mini-rules)
Gull, the largest city on the isle of Phoron welcomes you once again.  Ignore the painted barbarians lurking in the jungles surrounding the city and try to forget about the annual pirate raids, and the criminal gangs running cutthroat smuggling rings. You needn’t even worry about the horror to the north despoiling Elven tombs. Truth is, if you wanted nice, you would have stayed at home. Gull and its environs are once again at their best in this collection of interlocking adventures, now expanded with new paths, characters and dangers by best-selling Michael Stackpole.  HERE’S A LINK DIRECTLY TO THE PDF.

THESE ARE ONLY AVAILABLE ON DRIVE-THRU RPG: Right now we are putting out these out exclusively on Drive-Thru RPG, but eventually we’ll be  issuing printed versions of these books. The delay is due to the settling of Rick Loomis’s estate and making sure all the proper legal steps have been taken before we actually print any new material.  Don’t worry though – we anticipate this will be worked out in the near future.  But if you can’t wait till summer you can download all of these right now.

Ok that’s the latest from your friends at Flying Buffalo! Stay well and have a great Christmas, Hanukkah or however you celebrate the Holidays!  Have you gotten any of these books yet?  Did you enjoy them? Let us know your  thoughts below.



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