TODAY! at 4PM EST Monsters! Monsters! Behind the scenes Interview!!!

This Saturday  (TODAY) at 4PM Eastern standard time Ken St Andre and Steve Crompton will be intervierw  live and online about T&T and Monsters! Monsters! GHet behind the scene info on the history of M!M! making of the books and the behind the scenes process of running a Kickstarter!  Ask your questions of the the tow characters that brought you this new version of Monsters Monsters and Toughest Dungeon in the world! 

Here is the event on facebook-
Here is the event on Youtube Live: 

Here is the event on our website- 

Read It Again  Book store is doing asn sponsoring this interview

Located in Georgia (Atlanta metro area),  Read it again books who by the way has print copies of M!M! and signed print copies of Toughest Dungeon, in the store,  is interviewing

Ken St. Andre


Steve Crompton

on Sept 19 at 4pm Eastern Standard Time. I’m honored to be helping with the interview. This interview will be simultaneously live broadcast to YouTube as well as Facebook. We just worked out the kinks with the technology and looks like we’re good to go!

Spread the word –  let you friends know!

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