Catacombs of the Bear Cult and Captif d’Yvoire now on Drive-thru rpg!

To end the year, Flying Buffalo has managed to get two more of our T&T adventures available as pdfs on Drive thru! Here are the details on each of those releases and how you can download a copy…

CATACOMBS of BEAR CULT: Originally released in 1981, this T&T GM adventure by Bear Peters has now been enhanced with color maps and additional art from the Tunnels & Trolls archives, including a brand new color map and never before seen art by Liz Danforth and Steve Crompton.

What Catacombs is about: The Cult of the Great Bear has become a deadly menace. A bounty has been placed on the heads of all Cult members –  and the Death Empress herself has promised a special reward for the person who brings to her the head of Bjourni oso-Medved, the leader of the dreaded Cult of the Bear.

Your group of characters has entered the territories of the Bear Cult. Their fame and fortune and their lives depend upon how well they deal with the shape-shifting highwaymen of the Great Road!

This is a Game Master’s adventure for Tunnels & Trolls.  You will need the Tunnels & Trolls rules to play. Originally designed for 5th edition T&T, you can also play this adventure with any other edition of T&T. Recommended for lower to mid level characters. Here’s a link to the Catacombs PDF:–GM-Adventure?manufacturers_id=2238

CAPTIF D’VOIRE T&T Solo #19: This classic solo has been out of print for many years and is now available on drive-thru. The covers have been enhanced and a few new illos have been added.

What its about: Taken by surprise, robbed of any chance to fight, you were made prisoner deep in a castle, chained by the evil Duc de Binaire. Left to rot in a filthy cell, you have only your wits to help you escape the strange Castle d’Yvoire. Eluding the guards and servants will be difficult, but worse yet may be the dark forces rallied by the Duc de Binaire!  You must confront them or remain a prisoner forever, just another Captif d’Yvoire (captive of d’Yvoire castle)!

This solitaire adventure is suitable for play by single humanoid characters no higher than level 4 with less than 80 combat adds. A Magic Matrix is included for magic-users. Here’s a link to take you to the PDF:–TT-solo?manufacturers_id=2238

Flying Buffalo Art director Steve Crompton talks about the process:
“Different books need differing amounts of work. For example, Catacombs only had 4 interior illustrations, but there was room to add about 10 more, so I did. Since it was a gm adventure there were maps, I colorized those and added another map that showed the great road where this adventure takes place. I also enhanced the front and back cover art, so that Liz’s great cover illustration could be better seen. Captif d’Voire has 16 illustrations and didn’t need much work other than scanning and cleaning up. I did a couple of extra illustrations and created an upgraded back cover, but that was about it. So what gets changed or added, depends on the particular adventure I am working on.”

Flying Buffalo’s plan is to continue to scan and get all of their rpg related adventures and supplements up on Drive thru. So far we have 94 items up there. in 2020 we managed to get 17 new items on Drive-thru and will continue the process in 2021. If you have a particular Buffalo book you’d like to see on Drive-thru let us know in the comments section below – Maybe we’ll do that one next!

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